12 Ways to Add Detail to Your Kitchen

12 Ways to Add Detail to Your Kitchen

Everyone wants that wow-factor in their kitchen. When it comes to remodeling, most of us lust for that perfect, unique custom designed room. Adding that personal touch to cabinets or an island can help elevate your room and deliver exceptional results. Here are twelve ideas to add that extra special something to your new kitchen, creating a look that’s sure to meet anyone’s standards.

  1. Crown molding. It adds a touch of design refinement. When placed above the cabinets, it creates a seamless transition to the ceiling or a nice finishing touch to the top of the cabinets. A very classic design detail, crown molding can add instant character to your kitchen.

2. Matching ends. Give your cabinets a furniture-style look by opting for matching panels on the end instead of a flush skin. This is an especially appropriate choice in traditional or Mediterranean spaces where a rich, detail oriented décor is embraced.

3. Decorative legs. Another way to add that custom furniture feel is to incorporate table legs into the cabinet and island designs. By placing them at the ends of islands or working them into the lower cabinet layout, table legs offer an eye popping element. If you’re looking for a more modern design, opt for simple legs that keep to that clean line look. A chunkier leg or one with more details works best in traditional and rustic designs that invite more ornate detailing.

4. A splash of color. While neutrals may be the go-to when picking out cabinetry, an easy way to create individuality in a space is to add color. Adding a darker or lighter colored island gives the kitchen that custom designed look. By playing with the colors of the cabinets, maybe opting for all painted or stained cabinetry or mixing it up with different upper and lower cabinet colors, you can also achieve that custom designed look and feel for the space.

5. Glass door fronts. Cabinet fronts set the tone for the entire kitchen design. Replacing the typical solid panel fronts with inset glass panes can add a dazzling touch to the overall décor of the room. With options including transparent, frosted, and seeded glass, there are many ways to incorporate glass cabinetry into the personal style of your kitchen. They offer artful glimpses of fine dishware and dazzling decor, even further enhanced if you choose to add accent lighting. This additional element can help your kitchen seem open and inviting, allowing you to feel right at home in your redesigned space.

6. Corbels. Whether it’s ornate, oversized, or even plain corbels, these style accents add a touch of traditional flare to an island and kitchen cabinets.

7. Mixed door styles. Instead of feeling like you must conform to cookie cutter designs, try mixing it up by choosing a couple different cabinet door styles. Complementary styles can improve your kitchen’s overall aesthetic, while blending opposite styles can produce an attractive contemporary look and feel. Using different door styles to create your overall look is a sure way to create that unique, custom kitchen design.

8. Beadboard. A timeless addition to any design, beadboard is a classic touch perfect for rustic, farmhouse, or beach-style inspired kitchen remodels. Incorporate it on the cabinet ends or on the cabinet fronts as the finishing touch to your kitchen. While it adds visual interest to the décor, beadboard will not compromise the overall simplicity of your design.

9. Creative storage spaces. A kitchen redesign is the perfect opportunity to blend form and function in a stylish design that will incorporate storage fixes that fit your needs. When undertaking a remodel, don’t settle for run-of-the-mill storage options. Rather, take the opportunity to create solutions that will work perfectly in your home. Have a taste for fine wines and an ever-growing collection? Incorporate a custom wine rack drawer that is both practical and gives your cabinets a designer touch. Other popular options are pull out pantries, double-layered drawers for utensils, and tray dividers for baking sheets. Custom built-ins add personality and are a perfect marriage of form and function.

10. Wainscoat panels. Another great way to add that personal touch to your redesign is to add custom detail to your kitchen island. Adding wainscot panels to the backs and sides of the cabinets can dress up your island and create a more authentic furniture feel. Combining this detail with others like corbels and decorative legs can transform the look and feel of your space.

11. Decorative molding. By adding a small amount of detail with decorative molding, you can beautifully highlight the kitchen design. Framing the cabinets on either side of your sink or stove base with fluted molding can create a statement at the center of your kitchen.

12. Unique stains and glazes. A fantastic way to add design flare to your space is with a custom stain or glaze on the cabinets. Charm and drama can be added to painted cabinets with an antique finish. Choosing a custom glaze brings an artist’s touch to your kitchen. Final touches can add unparalleled personality to your space and truly make your kitchen a showpiece.

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