5 Designs That Prove Less Is More

5 Designs That Prove Less Is More

When it comes to interior design, balance is essential. Staying simple with style can make the most out of a space while avoiding designs that can be loud or overwhelming. This refreshing approach often leads to a spacious, inviting, and calm atmosphere.
At Airoom, we design for quality and full enjoyment. Having a home that isn’t overcrowded with designs or furniture ultimately brings clarity and promotes relaxation. Discover how the following designs support this notion and prove that less is more.

1. Open Concept Layout

There are many ways to achieve an open concept layout depending on which area of the home you are revamping. When it comes to the kitchen, the easiest way to accomplish this layout is by swapping out a traditional kitchen table for a kitchen island. Not only does this modernize the look of the kitchen, but it also provides a spacious atmosphere. We utilized this sleek kitchen island with custom cabinetry to tie this heart of the home together seamlessly while providing function and a fresh appeal.

2. Light Color Schemes

You can’t go wrong with choosing a light color scheme when you want to maximize a space. The lighter your color scheme, the roomier your interior will feel versus dark color schemes, where black or brown can close in an area with a more dramatic appeal. We chose a smooth white palette, as shown above, to reflect natural light off into the room and uplift the space with a bright and airy feel.

3. Less Furniture - More Emphasis On Detail

Another popular design strategy that proves less is more is displaying less furniture and leaving more room for the details to speak for themselves. As shown above, in our client’s newly evolved bedroom, we paired a bold canopy bed with sleek bedside console tables to keep the bedroom open for a naturally free-flowing atmosphere.  Perfect for entering a clear headspace.

4. Neutrals

Neutrals are an excellent tool for grounding an interior by adding visual depth that is easy on the eyes. This design tactic is commonly utilized through textures such as soothing furniture, natural floor treatments, and muted color themes. We chose masculine and nautical color themes in this modern space to maximize the room with a luxurious aesthetic.

5. Minimalist Theme

Lastly, what better way to prove less is more than with minimalist style? With ultra-modern furnishings and symmetrical designs, we’ve transformed this home office into a minimalist dream come true. The open atmosphere offers a sense of clarity without ever having to worry about overcrowding.

With these designs in mind proving that less is more, achieving a new and refreshed interior is easier than it may have seemed all along. The key to a simple yet stunning result is all in the approach.

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