5 Out-Of-The-Box Exteriors

5 Out-Of-The-Box Exteriors

With numerous types of exterior styles, your home can be unique and fulfill all of your design wishes. Each exterior style possesses unique architectural features that can make your home stand out on your block. We at Airoom call it curb appeal, and we know just how to make your home unique. Check out some of our favorite out-of-the-box exterior styles below.

1.     Cape Cod Style

Think colonial. When the colonists first settled in New England, the Cape Cod style home modified the previously existing English House and Parlor House. This popular cottage style home is characterized by its steeply pitched roof, a low and broad profile, and a large central chimney. Cape Cod homes also have little ornamentation and are a simple symmetrical design, historically built to withstand the windy and stormy Cape Cod weather.

2.     Contemporary Craftsman

You might be familiar with a Craftsman home, but most recently many families have turned towards a Contemporary Craftsman style. As Home Stratosphere explains, homes built from 1905-1930 were titled craftsman homes and placed value on raw and natural materials and handmade crafts. Today, the Craftsman style combines itself with a contemporary look and features crafted wood and stone with borrowed elements from ranch to Mid-Century modern homes. Typically, the Contemporary Craftsman home will only possess one floor, sometimes having a small second floor. The long and low style of this home, mixed with clean lines, makes for a perfect design anywhere in the country.

3.     English Cottage

English Cottage homes boast a much different design than the Contemporary Craftsman or Cape Cod styles. An English Cottage home is a much smaller, streamlined style. This style is characterized by a steeply pitched roof, cross-gables, large stone or brick, and small-paned bands of casement windows. The doorway of an English Cottage is also typically arched or rounded, making for a unique home on the block. A home of this style usually has a ground floor with its bedrooms fitting upstairs in a roof space. If you see an English Cottage style home on your block, it is likely a modest and cozy space.

4.     French Country

Described by Architectural Designs as “a modest farmhouse design as well as estate-like chateaus”, the French Country style home boasts a rustic and comfortable feel. A typical French Country home will include elements like curved arches, wood beams, plaster walls, soft lines, stonework, and other ornate elements.

At Airoom, we have completed many French Country style homes. This French Country style home, located in Winnetka, carries a uniqueness and the typical elements of a French Country home. The cozy and rustic looking home has both a beautiful exterior and interior.

1124 Gage St, Winnetka, IL 60093 - 5 Bed, 3 Bath Single-Family Home - MLS# 10991813 - 37 Photos | Trulia
1124 Gage St, Winnetka, IL 60093 is a 4,529 sqft, 5 bed, 3 bath Single-Family Home listed for $819,000. A bit of the European countryside in the heart of Hubbard Woods! Four levels of living space offer a place for everyone to...

5.     Georgian

The 18th century brought classical architecture upon us. The Georgian style, coined from the succession of 3 kings, has classic and symmetrical written all over it. The typical two story home, with a central entry façade, is commonly characterized by a floor plan  with a two-room center passage. Georgian Style homes can be found frequently on every block.

Whether you desire a French Country home or Cape Code style home, Airoom does it all. We cater to all kinds of different tastes. A project with Airoom means a great resale value, which is why we receive mentions in listings more frequently than everyone else. To remodel your home, contact Airoom today at

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