5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home this Spring

5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home this Spring

It’s been a long winter Chicago, one of the coldest in history. So we have plenty of reasons to celebrate the arrival of spring, let’s enjoy it to the fullest! With Spring comes longer days, backyard barbecues, warmer evenings, and tons of opportunities to breathe new life into your home. To help inspire you, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite remodeling ideas that are perfect for ushering in the Spring season!

Consider a Kitchen Update

While kitchen updates can be a large endeavor, they also tend to be spaces in our homes that are used most frequently and act as the central gathering space for families and friends. If you have a closed-off, dark kitchen, expanding it to create a more open and inviting floor plan is a great way to freshen up a kitchen and develop a more expansive and communal space throughout your home.

This clean Winnetka kitchen was designed with steps that lead down into the family room, so that they easily blend together to create a unified gathering area. Our team used custom white cabinetry and marble to brighten up the space, and chef quality appliances were placed behind white custom cabinet panels to enhance the overall aesthetic of the room.

Design Your Dream Back Patio

We bet that most of you are dreaming of days when you can step outside without having to pile on four different layers just for a quick outing. A welcoming back patio can be a game changer as warmer temperatures arrive, and it will offer an entirely new entertainment area for guests and fun gatherings. In addition to dressing up your backyard with new mulch, plants, and flower arrangements, building out a back porch or deck for tables and chairs to enjoy the evening as the sun goes down is a perfect project to usher in spring.

This 1950’s Evanston home remodel pays homage to the beachfront homes of Nantucket. We completely restructured the interior of this home to emphasize the lakefront view, and created an open and spacious back patio perfect for spending long evenings outside with unparalleled views of the lake.

Upgrade Your Flooring

Spring is an ideal time to rip up old, drab carpet throughout your home and replace it with bright, clean wood floors or large tiles, and you’ll likely remove lots of dust and germs built up from the cold winter months in the process. Replacing carpet with wood floors or tiles is not only an aesthetic and trendy step-up for your home’s interior (it seems rare to go into a home these days with old, shaggy carpet), but it will almost certainly increase the value of your home when it becomes time to sell it one day. Wood floors are typically one of the first things potential buyers want to see, as they create a cleaner, more streamlined atmosphere throughout the home.

One of our favorite interior renovations was this beautiful Naperville remodel, which features dark, walnut wood throughout the home. We offset the darkness of the wood by outfitting other parts of the house in white marble and other lightly-hued features for a perfect, balanced color transition.

Brighten Up the Common Spaces

Perhaps more invasive renovation options aren’t on the horizon right now, but you can still find ways to freshen up your home for Spring. An easier way to give your home a facelift without taking extreme renovation measures is to put on an old t-shirt and get out the paint. Painting your home’s main living spaces with light and airy colors can reinvigorate tired, dark spaces and give them new life. If painting doesn’t seem feasible, try incorporating some brighter accent colors throughout your home with rugs, pillows, throws, or other furniture.

This Winnetka great room’s green walls, along with the use of plants throughout, makes the space feel like the outdoors are inside and gives a fresh, vibrant feel to the overall room. The large white tiles and floor to ceiling windows make this living room a perfectly open and inviting space.

Build a Room Addition

Finally, one of our favorite, bigger approaches to brightening up your home for Spring (and summer, too) is by starting a room addition. Perhaps you have a lower level or basement that’s become more of a storage unit for holiday decorations, or maybe you’ve always wanted a mud room or sunroom in your home. Tackling a room addition in the winter can be difficult as walls might be demolished, making insulation a bigger concern.

This serene sunroom addition in Hawthorn Woods is the perfect space to pass the time on spring days. We wanted this sunroom to feel calm and welcoming, so we took advantage of light, natural tones to do the work for the interior while tall windows allow unobstructed views of the lush outdoor surroundings.

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