A DIY Wellness Retreat At Home

A DIY Wellness Retreat At Home

When it comes to our homes, having a sense of tranquility makes all the difference. Your home suddenly begins to feel like a wellness retreat and peaceful escape;
A place you can look forward to spending time in and unwinding in.

As a rising trend in many homes, DIY wellness retreats have shown to have a positive impact on one’s lifestyle with mood-boosting properties and visually appealing designs. At Airoom, we’re passionate about creating spaces that not only look desirable but feel enjoyable as well.

Here are a few ways you can create a DIY wellness retreat at home:

Spa-Infused Designs

Take a moment to envision your favorite hotel, resort, or retreat. What stands out to you the most? As smaller details leave behind a lasting impact, designers tend to spend extra time emphasizing these details. When it comes to powder rooms, master suites, or bathrooms, spa-like features make all the difference in transforming a space. What once felt like an ordinary bathroom, can now feel like a peaceful spa. All it takes is paying attention to detail. Incorporating spa-like features such as sleek countertops, beautiful sconces, artwork, seamless tile, and calming candlelight, will have a positive impact on your DIY wellness retreat at home.  One of our favorite ways to elevate elegance is by pairing soothing elements of texture, like marble, with calming ambient lighting. As light reflects off the surface, this will create a bright, spacious, and airy atmosphere.

Color Theory

Research shows that color has a direct impact on one’s mood, perspective, and overall health. As a retreat’s purpose is to recenter and rebalance, choosing the right color schemes will help achieve this refreshing effect. According to House Beautiful, some of the popular color choices with calming properties include -  Sky Blue, Blush, Neutral Beige, Soft Green, Sage Gray, Classic White, Pale Yellow, Lilac, Mauve, and Teal. Creamy color schemes and neutrals are ideal for executing a retreat-like ambiance, while marrying the room together seamlessly.  As color theory is essential for establishing balance, we incorporate meaningful colors in all of our projects.

Modern Amenities

An important factor to consider when creating your DIY wellness retreat is functionality. Having modern amenities such as sleek appliances, multi-purposeful furniture, gadgets, and advanced electronics can improve the luxury felt within your space. These convenient amenities will offer a sense of relaxation, stress relief, and satisfaction - Identical to how one would feel on a serene retreat.

Consider Minimalism

This step is all about keeping it light and proving that less is more. Luxe minimalism treads the line between luxury and minimalism, connecting the two for a magnificent outcome. When executed correctly, you’ll be able to glance around your residence with joy, bliss, and comfort. Some ways you can incorporate minimalism in your DIY retreat include, opting for natural material for a balanced feel, avoiding over-accessorizing, prioritizing natural light, and forming creative storage solutions to maximize space. Having a decluttered and open interior forms a calm, inviting, and spacious ambiance.


Last but not least, bringing the beauty of nature indoors is essential for a DIY wellness retreat. Whether it’s a unique tall-standing bamboo plant, a fresh bouquet of flowers, or a simply beautiful orchid plant; Greenery will awaken any space with zestful energy. If you’re not up for keeping a real-life plant inside, the power of plants can still shine through in floral paintings and vivid pictures. With detailed digital prints or vintage paintings, you can emulate a varied scenic landscape and establish a peaceful resort-like feeling in your home. Floral and greenery emulate feelings of serenity and can work perfectly for creating spa-like atmospheres in master bathrooms.

With these insightful design tips in mind, you can create your DIY wellness retreat at home in no time. Enjoy the design process and feeling inspired within your new space!

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