A Look Inside Our 30 Million Dollar Ultimate Aspen Retreat

A Look Inside Our 30 Million Dollar Ultimate Aspen Retreat

This Aspen, Colorado retreat, designed and built by the Airoom team, was purposely not held to any particular style but designed to be unique and timeless. The main focus of this design was to offer 360° views of the serene Colorado mountain scape by bringing the outside in. All the while serving up the kind of amenities that attract celebrities, top business execs and tastemakers to stay at the iconic retreat. This recently completed 10,000 square foot home is nestled up against the Roaring Fork River on Colorado’s 152 Acre private nature preserve, Double Bar X Ranch.

This home in Aspen’s exclusive converted ranch is a place where large groups can gather to enjoy each other’s company while surrounded by breathtaking mountains and vast sky. While at this mountain escape, guests can feel unhurried, inspired, and most of all relaxed. Designed around one simple idea, the view helps the line between indoors and outdoors blend –or become erased entirely.

All the vast spaces in this home are designed to give the occupants unspoiled views: tall glass accordion doors open the main living space and bedrooms to the outdoors, matte finishes, and neutral, nature-inspired colors ensure that the interior doesn’t distract your eyes from the splendor outside. Outdoor living is treated with the same importance as the indoors –and it offers something to delight all the senses.

You will never have to worry about storage or functionality in this Aspen kitchen. This kitchen was designed to house all kitchen appliances, even including a butler’s pantry with an extra refrigerator, freezer, sink, and dishwasher. Furthermore, in between the dual stovetop sits a professional griddle serving as a perfect tool for Sunday brunch.

In this gorgeous outdoor space you can sit for hours and admire the striking scenery, smell the wood burning fireplace, and experience the aromas of food cooking on the grill. With the Roaring Fork river just down the hill, you can enjoy the sounds of flowing water while splashing in the 60’ swimming pool.

Charred wood from Japan and a custom-made chandelier from Italy, are two little details that make this home truly one-of-a-kind and memorable. To add, the home also features technology that makes day-to-day living effortless. The floor-to-ceiling, folding glass walls operate on a hidden compressed air system so that opening them is, well...a breeze. Smart faucet and shower controls remember everyone’s preferred water temperatures. Ease and comfort are always just a tap away. Every inch of this home was designed to marry artistry and technology, views and comfort, uniqueness, and indulgence. All designed and built by Airoom’s specialty division. If you are thinking of building a vacation retreat of any scale Airoom is building internationally. Check out more of Airoom’s specialty division work here.

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