Bathroom Remodeling Bliss: Turning Your Bathroom into Your Escape

Bathroom Remodeling Bliss: Turning Your Bathroom into Your Escape

When it comes to making your bathroom the most comfortable space it can be, you can go beyond the basics to install extra-special options that will turn your bathroom remodeling project into a dream retreat. Here are some essential bathroom amenities that will transform any bath into a luxurious experience.

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Installing Thermostatic Shower Valves

Thermostatic valves let you control water temperature and volume, so that you can regulate the water flow for as little as a trickling of hot water, or a full-on wash of cold water. These shower valves incorporate a handle that control both volume and temperature with a turn, or they can use separate controls to regulate water volume and temperatures.

If you’re picky about the amount and temperature of the water you shower in, you can’t go wrong with thermostatic valves to fully customize your shower experience.

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Electric Floor Heat

Happiness is a warm bathroom floor on a cold morning! There’s nothing more comforting than the feeling of walking across cozy, heated tiles. So, while you’re remodeling your bath, make sure that your tile installer adds an electric heat mat before laying down the tile. These mats are available as customized, self-contained mats in what’s called an RPM system, and they’re made of wire strung between plastic pegs.

You can program the thermostat in the mats to turn on and off automatically, so that your floor is nice and warm when you walk in first thing in the morning. They can also be installed with a “loudmouth” alerting system, so that if the electrical connection is broken, you’ll hear a loud noise to alert you. Furthermore, by installing two sensors in the mat, if one malfunctions, the other will kick in.

Hidden Outlets

Now you see them, now you don’t! To keep bathroom counter space neat and clutter free, did you know you can install electrical outlets inside medicine cabinets and drawers? Just imagine all the jumble of electronic devices you use in your daily routine conveniently hidden from sight but easily accessible when you need them. Hair dryers, electric toothbrushes, electric razors and curling irons will no longer amass in a tangle all over the bathroom counter!

Humidistat Fans

With humidistat fans, you have the convenience of controlling the humidity level of your bathroom by setting these fans to automatically sense when the humidity rises above a set level. The fans will automatically start running and continue to run until the humidity decreases below your pre-set threshold. Humidistat fans more than pay for their cost by protecting your paint and finishes from excessive moisture that leads to more costly repairs.

Hard-wired Makeup Mirrors

Getting ready to face the world each day becomes a luxurious experience with a lighted makeup mirror that’s installed as a permanent fixture in your bathroom. It’s not all that costly to install, and pays off in ways that you will easily see. When getting just the right look matters to you, a lighted makeup mirror is a wise investment and convenience that deserves a closer look.

Dimmer Switches

Not just for the dining room anymore, a dimmer feature for bathroom lighting is a welcome addition. The added convenience of controlling the light in your bathroom is especially beneficial for times when you don’t need bright light, such as those wee-hour visits to the bathroom or those early-morning wake-ups when your eyes aren’t quite ready to fully open. A basic dimmer only adds about $25 to a regular bathroom light switch, and you can also find pricier upgrades. The overarching benefit is that you control the amount of light you want or need.

Footrest Shower Niche

For women, shaving legs in the shower can almost be an acrobatic feat. Consider the fact that while you’re trying to shave, the shower washes away any soap or hair remover before you can get the razor in place. Because there’s no convenient place to put your foot, other than outside the shower — which can lead to water spilling all over the floor, it’s an inconvenient ritual. But, with a footrest that’s installed in your shower about 18 inches from the shower stall floor, you’ve got a functional feature that adds a bit of personalized luxury and elegance to your bathing routine.

Uncommon Commodes

There are more ways than ever to outfit your bathroom with a one-of-a-kind throne. You can order a toilet with special features like heated seats (you’ll have to connect it to power for this), touch-less seats that open and close on their own, bidet-style toilets, and even seats that regulate water usage.

Handheld Showerheads

Among the many types of fixed showerhead styles you can choose from, installing a handheld showerhead can add increased flexibility and convenience to your shower experience. Not only do they help you direct water to places on your body where you need it most, but they also make it easy for you to clean your shower stall and wash away soap and shampoo residue from walls and shower enclosures. If you’re able to install a diverter with your main showerhead and handheld showerhead, you’ll have the added convenience of creating a spa-like experience by using them both at the same time.

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Sit Back and Relax

A master bath can be the ultimate retreat with indulgent amenities like heated towel racks and a flat screen TV to keep you company during your daily routines. For the ultimate in luxury, some dream home bath remodels are including furniture for relaxing on after a bath or shower, fireplaces to add a toasty touch, and chromatherapy bathtubs that diffuse feel-good light for some mind and body rejuvenation while you bathe your stress away.

With the right features and amenities for your bathroom remodel, you can turn any space into an extraordinary, luxurious retreat you’ll never want to leave!

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