Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2017

Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2017

If you only think of your bathroom as a utilitarian space, change your way of thinking right now and imagine the possibilities! Your bathroom should be a space of style and beauty. After all, you spend a great deal of time there every day and night. When it comes to trends kicking off 2017, there’s a whole lot to consider in terms of bathroom design, colors, and materials. We can help you with some insights right here.

Natural materials that combine to bring new excitement

2017 is going to highlight the return of organic, natural looks. You’ll find clean, distinctive colors, seamless lines and simplistic space arrangements that add a touch of natural coziness and elegance. Your bathroom can be a combination of functional style and features, but with a contemporary organic feel, where the functionality of your bathroom complements the artistic style and vice versa, for a contemporary, wholly integrated look.


Continuity, simplicity and playfulness

Using the same materials for cladding walls and floors is a big trend to follow in 2017. Bathroom design will be incorporating straight lines and masonry aesthetics that are easy to maintain and fit, resulting in dynamic and simple playfulness that exudes style and class. Geometric patterns and thematic colors extend throughout the bathroom to energize the entire space with consistent and complementary accents that play out on fixtures and accessories.

Bold combinations

Create a dynamic bathroom space with the combination of modern and organic materials, like the combination of wood and stone, or glass tile and synthetics. The design variations evoke a clean and style-forward sense of excitement. Cool ceramic tile design joins the warmth of wood to create a modernistic and homey feel all at the same time. The unique combinations help to set your bathroom apart from many others.

2017 bathroom trends

Rediscovering organic combinations to accent your bath

There’s a connection between clay and water that can be expressed creatively and naturally in bathroom fixtures such as a water-dispensing tap. As clay was once one of the oldest materials uses as vessels to contain water, it’s repurposed to act as a dispenser of water in the bath. Decorative yet functional as possibly a relaxing spa-like accessory to a bathroom, the combination of clay and water evoke a sense of serenity and comfort.

Bring the green indoors and add life to your remodel

Including green, living plants to your bathroom as part of your design adds a distinctive, natural ambiance that’s not only pleasing to the eye, but to your senses as well. Turning your bathroom into a paradise oasis that captures the lushness of nature is an excellent consideration to maximize comfort and ease stress after busy days. Introducing living plants into decor is a huge trend that’s picking up speed. Not only do they add aesthetic pleasure, they also help to balance humidity in the bathroom, especially for homes with centrally-heated houses and the dry air they produce.

bathroom trends 2017

Explore the options that are available to you

The size and shape of bathroom design and trends in the coming year will play out in both small and large bathroom remodeling projects. Making your space more intimate and playing with minimalist design ideas will usher in a sense of more restrained elegance and intimacy that still maintains an optimal level of comfort, style and functionality.

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