Benefits Of Abstract Lighting

Benefits Of Abstract Lighting

When balancing a home, lighting is essential in transforming any space. As a popular trend in interior design, abstract lighting offers many benefits, ranging from style and functionality to improving mood and perception.  

Choosing the proper lighting for your living spaces has the potential to shift the entire atmosphere positively and beneficially. At Airoom, we’re passionate about implementing meaningful designs that make a difference in everyday life.

Here are a few benefits of abstract lighting:

Brings Life Into The Space

Lighting is essential as every other element of design. We utilize abstract lighting to make a room feel comfortable, dramatic, and atmospheric. As many abstract light pendants and chandeliers are infused with LED lights, they are dimmable and adjustable to create a calming or energetic ambiance. Bright luminosity always brings character and life into any space. In this interior specifically,  these modern hanging lights we featured bring character & warm charm into the space, ideal for entertaining.

Balances The Atmosphere

Aside from awakening any space, abstract lighting is ideal for balancing the atmosphere with contrast and charm. Abstract lights are abstract because they are visually different and unconventional. This eccentric style is meant to stand out with striking appeal while tying the room together seamlessly. By bringing unique symmetry and light into your space, you are increasing depth & visual stimulation to the room, creating balance.
You can see we’ve achieved balance in the dramatic dining room above by offsetting the dark theme with an exquisite chandelier, therefore equalizing the entire atmosphere.

Elevates Mood + Perspective

Research suggests that lighting directly impacts mood, perception, and overall perspective. As your home should feel like your safe haven, abstract lighting is ideal for uplifting the atmosphere. Abstract lighting has the potential to elevate mood by illuminating the room with a bright and cheerful aesthetic. In our project shown above, we displayed multiple elegant pendants for a refreshing afterglow. Alternative forms of abstract lighting, such as sconces, can also enhance intimate areas of the home like bedrooms and bathrooms for a calming and tranquil feel - Allowing you to feel more relaxed as you enter a more restful state of mind.

Functional + Stargazing Art

Abstract lights are merely functional pieces of artwork. Diverse shapes, shades, and forms allow abstract lights to stand out as a focal point in any home. Therefore, abstract lighting offers an engaging and enticing appeal to any space and encourages the naked eye to explore different areas of the room. To support this idea, we displayed a cascading light pendant above this dining nook to bring contrast and captivating appeal into the room. Ultimately, all who enter will begin to stargaze at art-inspired lights.

The ‘X’-Factor

Last is the ‘X’-Factor, also known as the element of surprise or the ‘wow’ factor. Abstract lighting is ideal for achieving the ‘X’-Factor due to its eccentric nature. Depending on the type of fixture you feature in your home, when you introduce a new element of light and symmetry into your home, you are directly shifting the atmosphere.  As abstract lighting transforms any space with an inspiring aesthetic, the room will instantly look and feel different. As shown above, we featured an art-infused chandelier in this interior to awaken the atmosphere with luminosity and creativity.

With these critical benefits in mind, abstract lighting has the potential to elevate your home and your perception of your home as well.

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