Chicago Condo and Loft Remodeling

Chicago Condo and Loft Remodeling

Although condo and loft remodeling may seem limited, there are many ways to transform your space into something creative and unique. Many remodelers have limited experience and difficulty with this specific type of remodeling; however, we at Airoom are among the best condo remodeling companies. Condo remodeling often requires consideration of special requirements such as use of elevators, material and construction wastes, parking logistics, and mechanical shutoffs.

Condo and Loft Remodeling Tips

The process of condo remodel can look very different than a single-family home remodel. Houzz gives some great tips and things to consider when remodeling your condo.

1.    Know the rules of your condo building. It is crucial that you understand the policies of your condo board as they may affect your decisions and material selections. Houzz explains that your building will likely have policies and rules about the days and times renovations can be taken place. The condo board will also likely require a permit or form of approval to begin work.

2.    Know your condo limitations. Your condo or loft might include walls, columns, or structural elements that cannot be changed or moved. Thus, it is important to understand the layout of your space before beginning your condo remodeling project.

3.    Know your renovation goals. After discovering what your condo board will and will not allow, it is crucial that you assess your goals. You might begin a condo remodel for resale or you might just want to remodel for your own enjoyment. Thus, you need to take the right approach with your remodel to achieve your goals.

Best Renovations to Improve your Condo or Loft Value

All renovations have the potential to maximize the worth of your property. Luxury Chicago Condo’s explains that the kitchen, hardwood floors, bathrooms, and paint are essential boosts to the value of your property. A renovated kitchen and renovated bathrooms are a significant priority when customers are looking for a new home. Both of these areas speak volumes to potential homebuyers. Hardwood floors and fresh paint are two other essential elements to increase value on your condo or loft. Both of these elements can boast significant selling points for your condo or loft as they appeal to most homebuyers.

Airoom Condo Remodels

We at Airoom have dealt with many condo and loft remodels, making us one of the best condo remodeling companies in Chicago. From design to permits, architecture to construction, Airoom’s proprietary S.T.A.R.T system ensures flawless execution of your condo or loft remodel project from beginning to end. This modern Chicago condo remodeling project started when our client requested a major remodel of her recently purchased two-story, 2,600 square foot unit. Her wish list included a new custom staircase that would provide space under the risers for a new kitchen, three remodeled bathrooms, a walk-in pantry, laundry room, office, walk-in master closet, fireplace in the family room, wet bar, dumbwaiter that connects the family room and second floor, and new flooring throughout. Her most important objective was to open the kitchen to make it warm and inviting, while also incorporating modern features.

From custom countertops to a stunning master bathroom, no detail was overlooked in this Chicago high-rise penthouse remodel. This downtown condo greets you with wide wood floor plan as you enter the space. The kitchen was renovated with new cabinetry and sleek appliances, making it a perfect space for entertaining. Lastly, the new master bathroom was redesigned with a new layout and finishes, creating a modern oasis and stunning area of relaxation.

Aside from why you are choosing to invest in a home remodel, Airoom Architects, Builders, and Remodelers are here to help guide you through the process. Airoom can bring all your design and build needs to life. To learn about the possibilities of your condo or loft renovation, call Airoom today at 847-213-5107 or visit to view some of our beautiful projects.

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