Crafting A Bedroom Fit For A Luxury Hotel

Crafting A Bedroom Fit For A Luxury Hotel

Winnetka Master Suite

Turn your bedroom into the ultimate luxury sanctuary with renovation ideas to transform a standard bedroom into a master hotel suite.

There's something innately compelling about the best hotel rooms: they transport you into another way of life, even if for just a brief period, where your only focus is to feel pampered and comforted. The novelty of a temporary residence may be exclusive to these nightly stays, but emulating the luxurious aura of a hotel suite can make your everyday life into a constant spa retreat. Embrace indulgence by creating a built-for-you master suite in your own home, and sleep every night like a VIP (without the worry of previous guests!).

The Suite Life

The most dramatic and effective way to turn your bedroom into a master suite is to transition the bedroom from merely a place to retire into an all-in-one getaway. Luxury hotel rooms include everything you could need at your fingertips, complete with a lounge, desk, spa-inspired master bath, entertainment station, and anything else to make the space both accommodating and calming. The most effective way to achieve this inclusivity is through expansion. Through home remodeling, bordering rooms that serve similar functions to a master suite can be acclimated to the master bedroom, or a completely new addition can provide a customizable option. Expanding achieves the desired one-stop luxury destination while maintaining breathability and avoiding clutter.

Spa Inspired Master Bath in Winnetka

Chaotic Clutter

Speaking of clutter, yours will be your greatest enemy in the fight for a luxury bedroom. A complete room makeover implies a fresh start, thus clearing out any pieces which make the space feel disorganized or hectic. A great way to completely start from scratch is to commit to a cohesive color scheme of two-three hues and use those as a definitive framework for new furniture pieces, bedding, fabrics, and paint. Luxury hotels maintain a specific interior decorating theme. Adapt this method to fit your style while still operating in a conscious structure. Use your favorite pieces to inspire new ones that match their aesthetic. Decluttering and adding coordinating pieces brings the unique novelty feel that accompanies a hotel room stay.

Set the Mood

Another aspect of hotel rooms that add to their luxurious nature is their ability to add warmth and serenity through lighting. Bedside sconces are a hotel favorite that are too often disregarded in home design. Matching sconces not only add a uniform aesthetic but also maximize tablespace on the nightstand. The right lighting is a powerful tool with incredible influence on the atmosphere in the space. Experiment with the different possibilities of light reflection within the bedroom, determining whether you want upward, downward, or adjustable directional lighting to fit your preferences for relaxation in your own home.

From Floor to Ceiling

One of hotel rooms' defining characteristics is the intentional design behind all aspects of the bedroom, even those often overlooked. Painting the walls of your home is a tried and true method of transforming the space, but floors and ceilings hold just as much weight in creating ambiance yet are neglected by homeowners. The right flooring not only transforms the way a space looks but also the way a space feels and the comfort it provides. Light wood flooring, like bamboo, creates a sleek neutral palette for a clean look, while a deeper wood such as walnut creates a rich, sultry impression. If you find that you would like to forgo a hard material floor altogether, wall-to-wall carpeting can be an avenue for achieving all-around comfort. In addition to flooring, the ceiling color provides a creative design opportunity as well. Keeping with a light paint reflects light for an airy space. Extending the wall paint color to the top of the room can create an all-encapsulating, comprehensively designed space. A bright, vibrant colored ceiling can add a touch of personalization and creativity to set a bedroom apart from the rest.

Aspen Master Suite With Light Wood Flooring

These tips vary in scale when it comes to designing a luxurious bedroom, yet all are equally important looking to remodel your home. Airoom is here to help guide you through every stage of home remodeling. Airoom architects, builders, and remodelers see your visions and goals for designing your dream home.  To learn about the possibilities of your home renovation, call Airoom today at  (847) 213 - 5107or visit to view some of our beautiful projects.

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