Exterior Design Trends For 2022

Exterior Design Trends For 2022

At Airoom, we design for both lifestyle and enjoyment. As our interiors have an effect on our overall mood and wellbeing, research has shown our exteriors have an equal impact on us as our interiors do.

Throughout our experience in architecture and design, we strive to implement current design trends to stay up to date and aligned with our clients’ visions for optimal fulfillment.

Here are home exterior design trends for 2022:

1. Dark & Earthy Siding Colors

Siding is a great way to raise the visual impact of a home’s exterior look and create contrast. In 2022, exterior siding trends are set to prioritize dark, natural, and earthy colors that express strength, vitality, and stability — All qualities that are ideal for making a house feel more like a safe haven. Grey, maroon, dark clay, navy blue, burgundy, forest green, and brown are among some of the most beautiful and popular siding selections for 2022. As displayed above, soothing grey and charcoal stone worked perfectly for our client’s home located in scenic Aspen.

2. Versatile Outdoor Living Spaces

By far, one of the most rising design trends for 2022 is to elevate outdoor living by creating comfortable outdoor spaces that can accommodate a variety of activities.

Although these serious outdoor living spaces aren’t as simple as a rocking chair on a front porch, seating is still important, including chair swings, outdoor sofas, and other outdoor furniture. Furthermore, outdoor kitchens, sinks, grills, exterior dining spaces, pergolas, and sheltered lounges, are also popular this year. In this particular exterior, we opted for multiple outdoor areas, each with cozy outdoor furniture and modern fireplaces to encourage tranquility.  Ultimately this trend is destined for relaxing, entertaining, and enjoying our exteriors as we would our interiors.

3. Raised Glasswork

2022 design trends also incorporate bringing the outdoor lighting in with elongated windows that provide extensive natural light. Floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights have a huge presence in 2022 house design trends as homeowners seek to reinforce a connection with the outdoors — even when they’re inside. Aside from interior benefits, this exterior trend offers luxurious and luminous curb appeal. We utilized sleek glass windows and doors to enhance this home’s exterior with a modern and magnificent appeal.

4. Bold Texture

Last but not least, a big design trend for exterior house layouts in 2022 is integrating striking texture into the home’s facade. Instead of a smooth wash, visual texture in specific areas can help highlight the home’s unique architectural features and add character to the exterior. Visual texture can be achieved in many areas, including the window trim, roofing, fascia, and siding. As displayed in the project above, we executed a dramatic front entrance to offer an exciting greeting for our clients to come home to.

With these exterior design trends in mind, you can achieve your dream home vision with all the benefits that come along with them, including improved mood, perception, and overall fulfillment.  

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