Feeling at Home in Your Family Room

Feeling at Home in Your Family Room

Naperville great room.

For a title as inviting as “family room,” yours should feel as though it extends a personal invitation every time you step foot into the space. Your renovation should create both a comfortable gathering area for household members and a welcome space for guests to gather. Like families themselves, your family room should be unique to you and yours, reflecting your lifestyle and supporting the interests of the household. Here are some tips to make your family room renovation feels like it was custom designed for your family, exuding the character within the house without sacrificing style.

Lay the Groundwork
Identify the intended role of the family room within the context of the rest of the house, then lay the foundation to see this objective through. The floorplan of your home will  determine how the space is lived in and should be considered the groundwork for how you want to utilize the space. The once-popular open floor plan has recently given way to separate spaces that offer privacy for family members studying, watching TV or working from home – so homeowners have opted in favor of independent, secluded areas that can perform multiple functions. After spending an extended period at home during quarantine, people embraced privacy within communal areas and demanded every space function in a more versatile way.

Whereas open plan family rooms are typically at the center of conjoining spaces to bring an entire floor onto the same plane, consider a standalone, intimate room with a door at the entry. This orientation gives the option to invite the company of others or to enjoy the space quietly for reading, answering emails, or the like. This way, the family room as the option of being the hub of entertaining or a private sanctuary, providing a comforting refuge. Of utmost importance in the modern day, this seclusion can also create a theatre-like atmosphere, perfect for movie nights and binge watching.

North Shore vaulted, open floor plan living room. 

Plan Before You Buy
With all the vast possibilities for extra family room amenities, from a custom console for the latest flatscreen, a vintage ottoman from the local flea market, or that lamp your grandma gave you that simply has nowhere else to go, it’s easy to get enthralled in a more-is-more mentality when it comes to decorating. However, in order to access the full scope of the room, you’ll need careful planning of your furniture placements and should consider built ins such as a bar, or kitchenette. Walkways are as essential as the furniture to which they lead, so making sure you have enough room for all your belongings in addition to the space to navigate them is key. Family rooms are an opportunity to bring in “fun” furniture you might not use elsewhere such as recliner and swivel chairs, pool or ping pong tables, or a games table.

This Wilmette interior features built-in cabinetry to maximize space.

Show Your Stuff
In the spirit of showcasing who you are as a family, consider using the family room as a place to display any type of large collection, whether it be artwork, artifacts, travel mementos, or other collectibles. Family rooms are one of the larger areas of the home, so use the additional wall space to demonstrate an aspect of your family unique to you. Wall-mounted shelves or brackets can provide an avenue for decorative expression beyond traditional frames. Use them as an opportunity to play around with display and add texture and personality to the space. Renovation is a time for re-invention so use your imagination to have the family rooms of your dreams and create a space where family and friends can build memories for years to come!

This Winnetka family room features one of a kind art from Louise Nevelson, Keith Herring & Aaron Fink.

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