Game On! Carefully Curated Game Rooms

Game On! Carefully Curated Game Rooms

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Whether you’re hosting various guests or spending a night-in with the family, a billiards room offers the quintessential retreat where loved ones can gather and play games in a curated and sophisticated space. A cozy seating corner, delicious cocktails, and classic games are a few cornerstones of what it takes to create an entertainment space within your home. Stay snug this winter and revamp your home with the ultimate billiards room.

Bringing the Old in with the New

A billiards room or snooker room has a storied history, stemming from 19th century Great Britain where men would gather in grand rooms that held enough space for playing games, smoking and reading from distinguished libraries. While times have changed, incorporating vintage or classic pieces throughout your game room is a great way to add character and make the space unique. For creating a classic-meets-modern game room, create a stylish seating area with rich leather chairs within the space where guests can relax and play vintage video games. Regardless of the types of games included, one of the most versatile aspects about creating a billiard room within your home is that you can curate it to your own interests.

Curating the Billiards Room

For a more traditional billiards room in your home, the most important element to include is a pool table. Whether you’re wanting to invest in a professional pool table size or bar table size, the one that’s chosen can serve as the focal point of the game room. When crafting the perfect billiards room, consider creating a cocktail corner for booze and bar essentials where guests can chat and sip on martinis while rounds of pool are played. Depending on the size of the space, adding a foosball table, shuffleboard or ping pong table allows for even more home entertainment.

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Play Music

Not every billiards room just has to house games, if you’re more of a music lover and you have the space, you can opt to include a grand piano or guitars. Bringing instruments into the game room will only allow for even more fun and merriment where guests can gather to drink, play and hear music. When designing the room, you can select one area for lounging with warm seating and a modern coffee table while the instruments are on display and a separate area for your favorite games or a full library.


When deciding on the type of game room that you’d like to have, functionality should be at the forefront of the types of furniture and pieces you include. Creating the perfect room for poker night but using a smaller room? Invest in a custom table that has sides that drop down or a table leaf that can be inserted to elongate the table. Once the night ends, the table can be made smaller and the space can be used for other games or entertainment. Capitalize on nooks or corners that can function as bar spaces or seating areas so that you can make the most out of your game room.

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Whether you plan to repurpose an existing space or completely redesign your home to fit the game room of your dreams, Airoom will be there to guide you through every step of the way. A project with Airoom means getting the result you desire from people who have your back. To begin your home renovation, contact Airoom today at or call at (847) 325 - 5843.

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