Holiday Kitchen Design Updates & Ideas

Holiday Kitchen Design Updates & Ideas

The holidays are knocking at your door once again. But before the first guest crosses the threshold, if you’re feeling the need to make some changes to your kitchen to make it more welcoming and functional for all of the entertaining you’ll do, here are some inspiring upgrades that will make you the successful host.

Cook On The Double

Sure, it’s been said that too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth, but sometimes you need an extra oven to accommodate extra food preparation by more than one cook, or to heat up a dish brought by a guest while you’re still in the process of baking. Adding a double-oven to your appliance lineup can give you the extra capacity you need to keep everything running smoothly in the kitchen, especially during the busy holiday baking season. But you should give yourself plenty of time to implement this upgrade in case it requires some kitchen remodeling to complete.

Family-Size Your Fridge

With all the food that gets prepared, leftover and stored during the holidays, your old refrigerator may be bursting at its seams. Holiday meals and treats need ample place in a refrigerator to stay fresh, and with a bigger refrigerator, you’ll be in better control. A French double-door refrigerator is perfect for storing large items like turkeys, large pans of side dishes, or whatever else requires a little extra space. Plus, when the party’s over and you’ve got container after container of leftovers in need of space, having room for everything relieves some of the holiday stress.

Divide and Conquer

One of the best ways to stay cool, calm and collected through the holidays is to update your kitchen cabinets and drawers with dividers to help you stay organized from Thanksgiving to New Year’s and beyond. This simple upgrade is something you can do yourself and customize any way that works best for your needs. It not only helps you stay on top of things, but makes it easy for guests to lend a helping hand by putting things back where they belong after the big gathering.

Dishing it Up

Nothing’s feels more like drudgery after a big holiday party than cleaning up. That’s why having a dishwasher can be a lifesaver for those that do a lot of entertaining during the holidays. So if your dishwasher hasn’t been performing like it used to, or your needs have outgrown its capacity, it might be time to trade up to a bigger, more powerful dishwasher. Upgrading to a higher capacity dishwasher will help you get things cleaned up faster, and in turn help give you more time to spend with family and friends—which is certainly more important this time of year.

Table Talk

It always seems like most parties wind up in the kitchen or close by. So why not create a comfortable gathering space for everyone to sit around and socialize? If your friends and family like to congregate in the kitchen at your holiday gatherings, adding a larger kitchen table that can accommodate everyone is one of the easiest upgrades you can do to make your kitchen space more inviting. Better yet, if it’s the type of table that easily expands to hold more people, you’ll enjoy even more versatility.

Making Light of Things

Show off the hidden features of your kitchen with under-the-cabinet lighting. By installing LED lighting that runs under your cabinets, dark corners and hidden areas will be bathed in ambient light that brings your kitchen to life. LED lights can work with dimmer switches to create just the right effect to fit the mood of the event. They’re also easy to install and burn cool for added safety and energy efficiency.

Floor Show

A very easy way to add some warmth and a splash of color to your kitchen is with an area rug that both protects your kitchen floor and makes an attractive accent. Choose an indoor-outdoor rug or a flat-weave rug that complements your kitchen’s décor and colors for a look that pulls everything together.

However you like to entertain during the holiday season, making the most of your time with friends and family is what’s important. Making a few moderate improvements to your kitchen’s visual appeal and functional capability will help keep it a welcoming space during the holidays and all year ‘round!

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