Home Design Trends to Look For in 2018

Home Design Trends to Look For in 2018

Looking ahead to the New Year, color, patterns and textures take center stage in 2018. So get ready to add style and distinction to your home by checking out some highlights that we’ve compiled here.

Color Craze

Color will play out in numerous ways, with something for everyone. According to Pantone Color Institute executive director Leatrice Eiseman, color schemes will fall into eight palette categories:

Resourceful: warm and cool tones made of blue and orange. Both are pleasing to the eye and complement of each other.

Verdure: nature and garden-inspired colors. Think celery green combined with berry-infused purples, and robin’s egg blues.

Playful: Fun, bright colors like sunshine yellow and popsicle lime bring rooms to life and a smile to your face.

Discretion: subdued color reigns, falling on the adult side of “Playful”. Dark and seductive elderberry purple and rose shades allude to an artful composition.

Far-fetched: warm and earthy tones like corn silk yellow blend with shades of rose to make color statement on cultural diversity.

Intricacy: neutral metallics, stirred together with holly berry and sulfur yellow accents make for an intricate color scheme.

Intensity: a diverse mix of colors helps to call out the strength of a room. Black and gold add a touch of balance to the color mix.

TECH-nique: Bright and brilliant colors conjure up technology with a shine that appears to be shining from the inside.

Pick Your Pattern

Geometrics will be making their presence known on everything from kitchen backsplashes to wall covering and hanging art. Geometric patterns could show up in entire rooms or on decorative, creature comforts like pillows and throws.

Just Your Type

Putting your décor into words is a trend that continues to go strong. Think pillows with words like “relax” or “sleep” printed all over, or a piece of framed art in the kitchen that has word references to food and eating. The trend is getting more play because of social media and the way we interact with it. If you want to tell a story about your room in a graphical way, words count!

Wonderful Wood

Expect to see natural wood accents play out in everything from lamps and plant holders to ceilings and walls. Natural wood softens the looks of today’s tech-filled rooms, and brings in a natural touch. Kitchens also look cozier with accessories made of real wood like barstools, wood bowls and other decorative touches.

Fringe Benefits

Fringe is turning into a hot design trend for next year. Typically seen on pieces like pillows and blankets, it’ll start appearing on small, unobtrusive furnishings like ottomans and footstools. And as a throwback to another era, you could see it on curtains or lampshades!

Heavy Metal

Coming on strong for next year, metallics are set to grown in popularity as a design trend. Metallics as a prominent accent to a coffee table or dining room table add some a creative flair. And to add some “bling” to a room, metallic treatments like gold thread lacing throw pillows or pearlescent accessories like small end tables and decorative lamps add sparkle.

Iridescent Indulgence

Design trends led by futuristic iridescent accents are gaining in popularity. Found mostly in tile for bathrooms and backsplashes, iridescent pieces are appealing to the millennial market. But, they’re also expensive. Nevertheless, the trend in iridescent décor is only getting hotter and finding its way into wall coverings, small room tables, and other accessories.

Home design trends promise to be anything but subtle next year. As you can see, there’s a lot on the horizon to make any home bright and brilliant with color and creativity. If you want to get your home on the most stylish list next year, start making plans now!

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