Home Renovations to Fit Every Stage of Your Life

Home Renovations to Fit Every Stage of Your Life

For many homeowners, remodeling their existing home makes more sense than moving into a new one, or building a new home from the ground up. If you look at your home in an organic way, you can imagine the possibilities for how it can grow along with you as you start and raise a family, provide a comfortable living space for parents or in-laws as they age, or serve as the perfect empty-nester home to enjoy in your own retirement.

Remodel for Tomorrow’s Home Needs, Today

When you bought your home, it’s very likely that you had raising a family in mind. Now, faced with the possibility of actually becoming a parent–or parents, the thought of adding an extra bedroom might be at the top of your wish list. And, if you’re considering having more than one child or adopting children down the road, it’s a good idea to think about adding more than one bedroom when you decide to remodel.

By adding more rooms at one time, you might not only save yourself from the hassles of dealing with major interruptions to your life while the work is being done, but you might also save money on construction and materials costs through volume purchasing. Plus, while you’re “in-between” children, the extra room could be used as a home office or den until the next child arrives.

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Planning Your Remodel with Room for Everyone

These days, it’s not uncommon to find more and more intergenerational families living under one roof. Whether it’s a matter of economics, the need for companionship, or easier care giving, many families include children, parents, and grandparents. So renovating your home to meet the needs of several generations can be a wise move.

In homes that have the space and square footage to undergo remodeling to create living spaces that meet the demands of growing children, busy parents, and older family members, making changes to fit the needs of everyone not only helps the family live together, but live together in harmony!

Aging in Place

Millions of Americans in their maturing years plan to stay in the homes they’ve grown accustomed to over their lifetimes, and choose to stay there as long as they’re physically able. As your needs change, your home should be able to change with you. If you have the opportunity and ability to make your home more convenient and livable for you, you should take advantage of the changes and improvements you can make.

That might mean replacing bathroom fixtures with easier to use handles on faucets and grip bars in showers, widening doorways to accommodate a wheel chair, or maybe adding a lift chair to your staircase to help you access the second floor. You could even go so far as to remodel your home to allow for living on one level, so you don’t have to worry about climbing up and down stairs!

Planning ahead for both short-term and long-term needs can help you make the most of the many years you’ll spend in your home, help you face every stage of life in comfort, and ensure savings for years to come.

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