Inspiring Home Design Trends For 2021

Inspiring Home Design Trends For 2021

In recent times, we found ourselves using our homes more. Whether working remotely, remote learning or simply sheltering in place trying to navigate the new, uncertain environment, we've increased focus on our families homes . With this new focus, we've changed the way we want to live in our homes resulting in a resurgence in home improvement.

1.Larger Homes, More Room & Renovations

2. Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrades

3. Nature-Positive Indoor/Outdoor Enhancements

4. Home Tech & Eco-friendly Modifications

5. Safety, Comfort & Convienience Enhancements

Larger homes, more rooms and renovations

Many of us found ourselves giving new value to each room of our house. Every square foot represented much more than just a safe place. We watched cozy corners transformed into a multi-functional work environment and could no longer spare any rooms typically intended for guests. Our 'vacancy' signs came crashing down and our once empty rooms soon filled with workout gadgets and doubled as a receiving room for Amazon packages. According to HOUZZ.COM, many Americans choose to renovate as their solution. Overall renovations rose 15% last year with a new median spend of $15k per project. We are creating bigger spaces, when capable and filling the room with comfy and calming decor.

Americans are doing what it takes to stay comfortable, authentic, and safe. Many are adding artful typography to walls or entirely relocating walls. Asking the question, "What three things can happen in this room...?" Customers ask for mudrooms that allow people to remove their shoes or sanitize  before entering the living space, home offices, homeschool rooms, home theaters, meditation rooms, gyms, or even home libraries.

Lincolnwood Mudroom By Airoom

Kitchen & bathroom upgrades

As we spend more time at home, more attention is placed on discovering or enhancing culinary skills. Food can be comforting  and creating something delicious is rewarding. So, it's no wonder that we want functional spaces that support our everyday activities. While having the family together for breakfast, lunch and dinner seemed to make the meals taste better. Sadly, the kitchen size, function, and layout were a problem, and turning to home improvement is the solution. Airoom is adding pantries for more food storage or walk-in pantries for food preparation and clean-up without cluttering up the main kitchen space. The rise of hygienic and cleanable materials has become highly sought after. Old standards such as easy-to-clean porcelain, quartz and granite gained the edge over marble due to their non-pourus and easily sterilized surfaces. Also, their is much popularity for using stainless steel  for more than just appliances and peppering the kitchen counters with its easy-to-clean surface has also increased. Lastly, adding a nostalgic retro accent by way of subway tile as a backsplash or committing to geometric-patterned wall covering answers the call to authenticity.

Lindenhurst Pantry By Airoom

Noticeable improvements to the bathrooms are soundproofing and hygiene enhancements, such as touchless switches, flushing, faucets, soap dispensers, and deeper sinks, so water doesn't splash back and easy to clean spaces.

Nature-Positive indoor/outdoor enhancements

Spending more time inside can give you feelings of "cabin fever," especially during the colder months. We notice the demand for more oversized windows and more of them to let in ample sunlight and provide views of the outdoors intended to improve your well-being and energy levels. It's another excellent way to bring nature into our homes. Wood and stone are everywhere in nature, and we are currently designing areas with more organic materials to bring the outdoors in. Whether upgrading curb appeal or creating an outdoor refuge, private outdoor space remodels are a must. The introduction of outdoor kitchens is in high demand, with the need for more functionality and aesthetics. Patios, decks, screened porches, and privacy concepts are all currently quite popular. With zen gardens, outdoor waterfalls, pet homes, backyards are now considered usable space.

Home tech & eco-friendly modifications

Traditionally smart home technology has focused on curbing energy use, creating automation amongst appliances. Yet, as we spend more time indoors, the most common and prioritized upgrades for homeowners are the HVAC systems and the household water system. We are creating better filtration systems for both throughout the house. Moreover, as more kitchens get new facelifts, going eco-friendly is key for all appliances. Some families install solar panel energy sources to assist with energy usage. Smart home technology has fully integrated itself with much of our design consideration with the disappearance of major media closets, replaced by tiny wifi and beo[gluetooth-enabled devices. Voice-activated and touch-free technologies are heavily used for lighting, security, and overall personal convenience purposes. Given the newfound social distancing requirements, smart home technology is helping bridge the gap of modern-day socialization.

Safety, comfort & convenience enhancements

For homebound do-it-yourselfers looking for affordable ways to create change in their home environment, adding a colorful fresh coat of paint is a safe and easy way to create inspiration. The use of bold colors or nature-inspired tones and decor are great ways to create a safe and calm space. Many are keeping the fun indoors by choosing recreational rooms over family room makeovers. Additions of mini HVAC systems with no ductwork, robotic vacuums, in-ground and out-of-ground sprinkler systems, whole house scent diffusers, and comfortable furniture have established themselves as ‘almost’ essential.

Overall, more space, comforting tones, convenience, and safety is the overarching trend that we will see going forward into 2022. To set up your free design consultation  and discuss with an Airoom designer what emerging trends make the most sense for your home call us at (847) 908-9270 or sign up at

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