Invisible Kitchens: Home Design's Latest Fad

Invisible Kitchens: Home Design's Latest Fad

Kitchens have increasingly become the heart of the home. A hub for family meals, casual and comfortable entertaining, or study sessions with the kids, the kitchen is back of house yet front of mind for many. In the past year, however, there has been a boom of the “invisible kitchen” — cabinets, appliances, handles, and useful buttons have seemingly disappeared. The camouflaged kitchen favors sleekness over character and ease of use. Below are trends that celebrate the kitchen and its magnetism versus attempting to hide it.

Understated Naturalism

People are increasingly creating kitchens to look as if they had been thoughtfully designed and curated over time, favoring looks that hint at a natural evolution and with it, organic elements. Imperfect finishes imbue kitchens with a sense of timelessness and comfort. Natural materials, such as oak, maple, or walnut wood bring the outdoors in and achieve an old-world charm. Muddy hues and earth tones beautifully envelop the space. The details interact to create intrigue and tell the story of the homeowner's life, which can be lost with an invisible kitchen.

Making a Statement

Maximalism continues to be on the rise with bold colors, plenty of patterns, and thoughtful objects. People are creating distinct environments that energize different areas of their home. The invisible kitchen is bare by nature and lacks the layers of decorative design detail provided by backsplashes, the mixing of materials, and attractive appliances. Interior designer Betsy Wentz says, "While white kitchens have reigned over the past few years, I've had more clients recently ask for a kitchen that packs a punch. In one of our most recent kitchen projects, we used a playful wallpaper from Cole & Son that is a vibrant and fun talking point, the perfect hostessing trick!”

Sophisticated Organization

Organization is key to kitchens. Whether you’re preparing a quick breakfast for your family or hosting a dinner party for ten, the kitchen must be functional, and all of its tools and appliances accessible. In an invisible kitchen, where drawers and cabinets are purposefully hidden, it is hard to find more irregularly used kitchen items, and when hosting, guests don't know where to reach for glassware, silverware, or maybe even a glass of water.

Luxurious Rituals

The kitchen allows us to nourish ourselves and others. It has a thoughtful purpose and should be designed to accommodate and elevate our daily rituals, not hide from them. Interior designer Doniphan Moore says, “People have become increasingly focused on creating spaces that enhance their lifestyles. The kitchen is where we spend our mornings and our evenings. They are essential to how we live, so it is important that kitchens feel gracious with both useful and superfluous items that provide joy and comfort.”

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