Kitchen Lighting Tips

Kitchen Lighting Tips

Lighting your newly remodeled kitchen is as important as designing it. It’s an essential element of the remodeling process that has a long-term impact on how inviting and functional one of the most-used spaces in your home will be.

One of the most common mistakes people make when thinking out their kitchen lighting is to make one fixture serve all purposes, with no variation in setting or placement. The result is usually a glaring spotlight feeling that overpowers everything, including family and guests!

According to experts in lighting design, the most effective kitchen lighting incorporates four different types of light (also known as layered lighting) that should work together as a blended unit. The lighting should cover four distinct types: task, ambient, accent, and decorative light. When all four lighting layers are incorporated into your overall kitchen design, you’ll create a warm and inviting environment that complements the look of your kitchen to combine workspace practicality and entertaining capability.

decorative kitchen lighting

Task Lighting

For performing every day routine tasks like preparing food, cleaning, and doing dishes, task lighting is what comes to mind first in kitchen designs. While it’s an important and integral part of your kitchen, make sure it’s placed in a way that doesn’t impede your efficiency or create darkened workspace areas.

Locating your Lighting

Depending on the purpose and function of the lighting, you’ll want to consider where certain types of lights will be installed. For tasks such as preparing food, reading recipes, and accessing cookware, you’ll want to locate bright, focused lighting under overhead cabinets, over islands, cooking areas, and in pantries.

Soft, under-cabinet lighting helps give the kitchen a warm glow when not in task mode. Other popular options include long, linear bulbs, strip lights, halogen lights strategically placed, or a string of lights in a decorative fixture. Ambient lighting creates a warm, inviting glow that takes the harshness off of appliances and fixtures, and softens everything, including people’s faces.

Smart Lighting

We’re entering the era when “smart” is a buzz word attached to almost everything. Smart phones, smart appliances, and smart homes are creating a future that helps us conduct our lives with digital ease and immediacy. The same is true for smart lighting systems that utilize preset capabilities that let you control the lighting scene in your kitchen remotely from your car, bedroom, or mobile device. Lighting can be preset to turn on and off at certain times throughout the day for various uses: morning breakfast, daytime tasks, food preparation, or evening dinners or entertaining.

Whether you’re upgrading your lighting or remodeling the entire kitchen, the choices in lighting scenes you have to make your kitchen a spectacular focal point of your home are continually expanding.

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