Kitchen Makeovers: 3 Space Saving Ideas For Vintage Homes

Kitchen Makeovers: 3 Space Saving Ideas For Vintage Homes

It’s that time of year again…the holidays. That time of the year when family and friends get together to eat, drink and be merry. What better place to gather than in the kitchen…truly the heart of the home for this festive season. And it’s never too late to start thinking about a kitchen makeover, especially if you plan on doing a lot of entertaining for your loved ones.

Every kitchen remodel presents design challenges and that’s especially true in older vintage homes. Those kitchens were typically designed as smaller rooms in the house. A classic bungalow, like so many peppered throughout the Chicagoland area, focused more on the front family or living room as the main area for socializing and catching up. But just because they were built that way, doesn’t mean they need to stay that way. Creative renovation ideas can be applied to these smaller spaces to refocus the attention of the home to the kitchen. A kitchen makeover can also increase property value significantly by offering a unique take on a vintage Chicago bungalow.

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Kitchen Island Remodel

Roasting pans, carving boards, baking sheets and even containers for leftovers…where do they all go? Holiday meal prep means your kitchenware needs increase, which makes finding the right storage in a smaller kitchen a real challenge. Why not consider a kitchen island remodel? If cabinet space is becoming difficult to find, adding an island or renovating your existing island is a clever way of remodeling kitchen to add additional cabinetry. A kitchen island remodel, especially one remodeled to work from your home, can make even the smallest kitchen an easier place to gather, socialize and create culinary magic. Modern design can outfit islands with enough cabinetry and space saving shelving to house all of your essentials. You can even incorporate small appliances like microwaves or a wine fridge to help alleviate clutter in other parts of the kitchen.

Accessories and Appliances

Furniture, appliances and accessories are the icing on the cake in any kitchen makeover. These accents add personality to your space and provide the final touch in making any project your own. While the average kitchen size in a 50 year old home was about 70 square feet that space can feel much larger with proper design and furniture placement. Most design professionals take into consideration the size of every piece of furniture to make sure to maximize the usable space during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. A couple useful tips might be to ditch those clunky chairs for sleek, streamlined stools. Perhaps a kitchen island remodel isn’t in the cards this year? Well, how about a vintage butcher block kitchen cart, which can be a great addition to any home. Roll it into the kitchen for holiday meal prep and out to the dining room as a year round solution. Slimmer appliances can save you room as well. Refrigerators can be reduced to counter depth and smaller dishwashers are also available. Upgrading your appliances may not only give you more room to breathe, it may save you money. Check out money saving rebates over at the Energy Star website. Energy Star is the EPA’s public resource for energy consumption of products and devices.

Kitchen Expansion

And if you can’t find enough space to work in your home, wouldn’t a complete kitchen dining room remodel be a dream comes true for next year’s family gatherings? Let’s start planning now. Maybe even consider a farmhouse kitchen remodel like in the Airoom project featured below. The style was modeled after more traditional farmhouses. In these homes the kitchen was considered the hub for not only cooking and dining but also socializing. Opening up the space and bringing these elements together is a great way to bring friends and family closer during the holidays.

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