Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2017

Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2017

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel in the coming year, what can you expect in terms of trends that will make your space more distinctive, more useful, more efficient, and definitely more exciting? We’ve got some ideas to share with you to give you some insights on colors, materials, layouts and more.

Cabinets That Pop With Color

Fresh colors like Equator Yellow, Bali Hai Blue, Tawny (light brown to brownish-orange) and other bright choices combine with a second, monochromatic color that’s more neutral–from white to gray and to dark graphite or black along the color spectrum, to combine dazzling brightness with a mild edge. The colorful combinations of colors and the decreased usage of wooden decor and cladding will become increasingly popular. Black will also play a prominent role in kitchen cabinets, becoming a dominant color in many kitchens that give spaces contemporary design integrity and style. White will also stay on the kitchen fashion scene, but will include additional bright colors, geometric shapes and stripes to jazz things up.

multi use kitchen island

Multifunctional Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands that take on an industrial look and function like high-end preparation stations bring dynamics and elegance to kitchen spaces that can incorporate large, monochromatic workspaces. The look is a “retro-techno” style that includes sink, cook top, prep space and storage cabinets.

kitchen remodeling trends greenery

Fresh, Green & Living

Decorative elements in kitchens, such as a living, green wall of plantings will add freshness and a natural touch to spaces that soften the utilitarian feel of a kitchen and add some aesthetic elegance to dining areas.

Oval Is The Shape Of Things To Come

The domination of straight, clean lines is giving way to oblong angles, artistic curves and abstract shapes. Kitchen islands that have curved, rounded ends are distinctive and attention getting. They soften the hard lines of appliances and counter tops and add strong contrast throughout the kitchen. They can extend to overhead light fixtures and even cook top burners. Kitchen island shapes can be linear or curved themselves to take on a retro look from the 60’s.

Rising To The Surface

In sinks and countertops, the hot new trends emerging for 2017 are solid surface countertop configurations from single materials like Corian, Hi-Macs or Durat. The surface appears to seamlessly float from the sink to the countertop, giving the appearance of a smoothly connected unit without any visual edges. Material compositions such as these are good matches for concrete and ceramic coverage on doors in your kitchen design. And there are a variety of colors and styles that are made of acrylic or polyester, with prefabricated sinks. The surfaces are easy to maintain, good for food prep areas, and are more affordable options. The caveat is that they are not heat and scratch resistant, but can be maintained with buffing and sanding to remove any marks.

More Stylish Outlooks

Other trends you’ll notice include wall and cabinet units that feature soft-lit or folding doors that raise up as opposed to open out, which will be especially applicable for smaller kitchens and spaces, and add features that add a tidy and stylish look, as well as provide efficiency and ingenuity.

Kitchen design trends for 2017 will showcase developments that not only set kitchen remodeling on course for a dazzling, productive future, but factor in the needs and wants of today’s families.

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