Kitchen Remodeling Trends: The U-Shaped Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling Trends: The U-Shaped Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling trends are constantly changing. Since we remodel a lot of kitchens, we tend to have a good idea of emerging and popular trends. The U-shaped kitchen, sometimes called a C-shaped kitchen, is created by three adjoining walls in a U shape. This kitchen in Naperville is a good example.

u-shaped kitchen

While this is a large example, U-shaped kitchens are great for homeowners that enjoy cooking, as it provides plenty of workspace and utility for various dishes and sauces that need to be prepared simultaneously. However, this design is not right for everyone looking for a new kitchen. Here’s what you need to know about the U-shaped kitchen.

The Pros and Cons of a U-Shaped Kitchen:

These kitchens offer lots of storage and workspace, perfect for the amateur home chef, or cooks with big families. While these designs can be more expensive with the increased amounts of kitchen cabinets, it’s a strong design choice. The image above is of a larger U-shaped kitchen, however smaller kitchens will generally only allow one cook at a time in the work area. This can be a big perk for those with energetic kids that tend to get in the way during dinner prep, but might not be great for the couple that likes to cook romantic meals together.

Fixture and Appliance Positioning:

There are a couple of factors that are considered when placing the various aspects of the U-shaped kitchen. Generally the kitchen sink is placed under a window because a window lets in natural light, and also lets you take in the view of your yard. Most U-shaped kitchens will have the sink stand in the middle, or bottom part of the U. The U-shaped kitchen above places a sink on the bar section of the U, great for talking with friends over a glass of wine while you clean up. Note the continuous height of the countertops – this allows for uninterrupted workspace and aesthetic style. Of course, one of the major focuses with this design is functionality, so make sure your design fits the way you’d best use your kitchen. Larger U-Shaped kitchens can sometimes take advantage of a kitchen island.

Corner storage:

We know one of the biggest perks to the U-shaped kitchen is the amount of cabinet space. However, it’s easy to write off the corners of the U as unusable space. A carousel of custom built kitchen cabinets can turn previously dead space into functional square footage, perfect for big mixers, crock pots, and pan sets. Corner storage also keeps lower lever cabinets from being hard to reach, and from drawers or doors bumping into each other.

u-shaped kitchen ideas

These are just a few things to think about when remodeling for a U-shaped kitchen. Just like with any home renovation project, it’s important to get the best help you can find. At Airoom, we have extensive experience serving the Chicagoland area, having remodeled homes since 1958. For more kitchen design ideas and home improvement galleries, check out our work here.

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