Laundry Room Design Ideas: Fresh, Functional, and in Fashion

Laundry Room Design Ideas: Fresh, Functional, and in Fashion

In many of today’s homes and condominiums, the washer and dryer are as much a part of day-to-day living as the kitchen and almost any other appliance. With the sleek, hi-tech design and style of today’s washers and dryers, it’s a shame to park them in a dark corner of a basement. They quite practically deserve a space of their own. That’s why having a clean, organized, dedicated space you can use or turn into a utility room is a worthy investment for you and your family. It’s the “command center of clean,” and so much more!

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The Basics of Laundry Room Remodels

Most laundry rooms serve double or triple purposes depending on where they’re located and how much space they have available. They’re not only your space for washing and cleaning clothes, but also ironing and folding them. If your laundry room space is adjacent to an outdoor entry, it also typically serves as a mudroom to rescue wet and muddy shoes and clothing.

Ideally, your laundry room should include or be able to accommodate a sink and faucet with counter space, built-ins or shelving storage, cabinets, and space to hang clothes. Install built-in spaces for storing cleaning and laundry supplies. And look at corners for installing cabinetry and shelving to satisfy other needs.

To add to the functionality, consider adding a table or dedicated space for folding clothes, towels and bed linens, and setting up an ironing station or air-dry rack sets. By having a single space to get everything done during laundry day, you won’t have any excuses not to get those chores done at once—and you might even enjoy it!

If space is at a premium and you just have a section of wall to use, choose stackable washer/dryer units, and install recessed shelving or cabinets along with pullout drying racks. You should also consider sectioning off the space with sliding doors. Once you determine what the needs are for you and your family, you can begin to visualize how the laundry room can look.

Trend-setting ideas

There are so many unique decorating ideas to make your laundry room as chore friendly and stylish as it can be, you’ll have no problem choosing a look that will liven up every laundry day. Bright paint and eye-catching colors can help take the boredom out of chores while adding exciting artwork, wall hangings, and posters can play up the design. Flooring that complements not only the wall treatments but the washer and dryer themselves bring the whole room together. And the design of today’s washers and dryers is putting them on par with appliances that always get a lot of attention, like refrigerators and ovens. Bring more life to your space by adding bins, baskets, and colorful fabrics that are not only functional but fashionable as well.

Give your home a laundry room makeover and see how much you’ll start looking forward to every laundry day!

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