Luxury Design Ideas For An Open Living Room

Luxury Design Ideas For An Open Living Room

Once we’ve created the perfect open living room space, it’s time to start dressing it for the runway. As the first room many people see, it is a reflection of your family and your style. This is where you entertain guests and loved ones. It needs to be inviting and should be filled with luxury designs, ideal for maximizing space and preserving style.

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Zone The Space With An Accent Rug

You can create visual zone spaces in open living rooms by adding an accent rug, preferably in the center of the room or surrounding living room furniture. A large, oversized rug goes a long way with open-plan living room ideas, adding focus and depth to the space.

Choose an option that can comfortably fit your sofa, armchairs, and coffee table. This 'island effect' created by the rug becomes a room in its own right, differentiating it from the dining or kitchen areas in the same space. In the modern living room in our project, shown above, we chose a rug with patterns that reflect the graphical shapes and lines used elsewhere in the area. Notice how the geometrical pattern matches the symmetry of the room’s architecture.

Prioritize A Color Theme

When designing an open living room, lighting and color are essential. Choosing a color theme will determine the appearance and mood of a room as well as tie the room together. A color theme provides contrast, cohesion, and overall balance.

At Airoom, we like to conjoin both interior design with architecture. A great way to approach choosing a color theme is by painting all adjoining walls and architectural details the same color, providing a smooth visual flow. In this living room, we selected neutrals and soothing greys to balance the atmosphere with a spacious aesthetic.

Arrange Furniture Accordingly

To make an open-concept living room feel cozier and more intimate, consider strategic furniture placement. Grouping the sofa and chairs closely together with the seats facing each other will create an inviting space that functions for both entertaining and relaxing.

Aside from coordinating the furniture together, it is important to consider their placement within the interior as a whole. To maximize space, an open-concept layout can be achieved by placing furniture against walls, leaving ample spacing in the center of the room to allow friends and family to move freely and enjoy themselves.  We achieved this in the modern living room above to foster a welcoming and connected living room.

Complement With Amenities

Livable luxury can be achieved with modern amenities designed for convenience and comfort. Complementing an open living room with amenities allows these features to stand out with a luxurious aesthetic, while keeping the space functional and free-flowing.

Many modern amenities, such as electric fireplaces, flat-screen TVs, and multi-purposeful lighting, help achieve the popular minimalist styling. These amenities are sleek and tend to preserve space. We chose an electric fireplace in our client’s living room to tie the room together with an enjoyable and flawless feature.

Incorporating these luxury design ideas will help you enhance your open living room and elevate it to its full potential. All that’s left to do is kick back, relax, host events, and enjoy your living room.

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