Make Your Backyard Feel Like A Retreat

Make Your Backyard Feel Like A Retreat

Looking to make your backyard feel like a personal retreat? With the right designs and approach, any vision is achievable. As our expertise lies in architecture and home design, we believe every detail counts when it comes to achieving a retreat-like atmosphere.

Discover top ways to make your own backyard and exterior feel like a retreat:

Entertainment Spaces

As staying in is the new going out, outdoor entertainment spaces are rising in popularity. Entertainment is a major part of every vacation, which is why it’s essential when transforming your exterior into a retreat. From contemporary outdoor furniture to sleek firepits and flat-screen TVs to outdoor kitchens and dining, every detail counts when it comes to comfort. Relaxation is the ultimate time and place to bring the ‘getaway’ feeling to its full potential.

As featured above, this client combined various seating arrangements around this outdoor entertainment lounge we created to promote conversation and connection.

Water Features

There are many benefits of water features that allow them to transform any backyard with a resort-like feel. For instance, soothing sounds of running water relax the mind and also can help drown out the sounds of neighborhood activity and cars. This leads to an added sense of peacefulness and privateness.

To gift our clients with these benefits, we installed an extensive in-ground black-bottom pool with a beautiful brick wall for added appeal and seating areas for maximum enjoyment.

Fireside Relaxation

These days, there is a fire pit suited to fit into any budget, patio size, and lifestyle. The added warmth and cozy feel of a fire pit or outdoor fireplace can cause one to linger outside and forget the rush of daily life. Modular sets made out of pavers with separate, already-made pieces such as chimneys, wood storage, hearths, brick ovens, and fireplaces can be combined to create the heated outdoor living space of your dreams.

As shown above, we went for double the features for double the impact, visually and interactively. All that’s left to do is curl up with comfort by the fire.

Impeccable Landscaping

Resort landscaping mimics the surrounding area or is designed in line with a particular theme. For example, built-in planters and staircases surround the above Aspen retreat to help emulate its gorgeous ranch-like surroundings.

In our client’s home below, we chose clean paved walkways to give the backyard a clean and cohesive look.

With these design trends in mind, you can make your backyard feel like a retreat in no time. Always remember to consider the experiences that each design will bring to your home.

For any inquiries or general design questions, reach us at 888-637-6493.

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