Making the Most of a Small Kitchen

Making the Most of a Small Kitchen

If you have a smaller kitchen, it doesn’t mean that it can’t become a beautiful, dream kitchen. There are many kitchen design ideas and remodeling techniques that can help small kitchens feel bigger, and look just as beautiful and inspiring as their larger counterparts. While you may have a smaller choice of design and configuration options, that could work in your favor.

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How to Plan Your Small Kitchen Remodel

Some of the most immediate changes that can be made to small kitchens might be considered cosmetic. One place to start is to create the illusion of more space with changes to lighting and floor tiles. Under-counter lighting not only brightens the room, but makes the kitchen appear larger and more enticing. If you’re able to lay floor tiles diagonally, it can help your kitchen appear longer. And, by using large floor tiles instead of small ones, you can give your kitchen a bigger feel.

Be sure to let plenty of light in so your kitchen can bask in the glow of natural light. Keep your window treatments simple or do without them completely if at all possible. The more light you can let stream in the better. Keep colors neutral to maintain a sense of space. Dark colors will make the kitchen seem small and oppressive.

Small on Appliances and Big on Storage

Manufacturers of kitchen appliances now offer many varieties of space-saving units that fit the dimensions of smaller kitchens to keep them fully functional. For example, you can find refrigerators that are just 24 inches deep instead of the more standard 30 inches, as well as stoves and cook tops that are more narrow yet as full-featured as larger models.

If you have a typical kitchen that’s merely short on square footage, you can make use of the space you have in the center of the room for a small, moveable island that can serve as a dual-purpose chopping block for food preparation and utensil, cookware, and container storage. When not in use, just roll it into a corner or under a counter to free up space.

Cabinets and Clean Lines

glass cabinets

In designs for small kitchens, glass doors can be installed instead of solid doors. Glass fronts give the cabinetry a lighter look, and lets you see through to the back to give more of a feeling of expansiveness. As long as you keep the interiors clutter-free, you’ll succeed in creating the look of more space.

Keeping small kitchen spaces clutter-free will also create a more open feel, with only the display of some standout items and necessities taking center stage.

If you’re undertaking the remodeling of a small kitchen, avoid ornate cabinetry and fussy details that can leave a kitchen feeling choppy and busy. Clean design lines smooth out cabinets and elements to provide an open, roomy feeling.

Even though small kitchens present unique challenges, they can also be a fun, functional and focal part of your home. Just remember to accentuate the positives!

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