Mastering A Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Mastering A Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Modern farmhouse kitchens are popular for many reasons as a top-rising trend. They look luxurious, and they are also highly functional and sustainable. A modern farmhouse kitchen gives you the best of both worlds - Comfortable enough for everyday use yet sophisticated enough for entertaining and hosting events.

At Airoom, we design for lifestyle and enjoyment. When achieving a modern farmhouse kitchen, balance is essential in every detail.
Here are some design tips for mastering a modern farmhouse kitchen:

Choose The Right Color Scheme

To maintain a modern farmhouse aesthetic, you must set a solid foundation with neutrals. Color schemes for modern farmhouse kitchens feature mainly whites, blacks, grays, browns, and other neutral tones. Aside from the central color theme, wood tones are popular as timber was commonly used in traditional farmhouse designs. The trick for modern farmhouse colors is to find the right balance between warm and cool tones. In this project, we executed natural elements like wood flooring to help soften and balance the interior with a farmhouse aesthetic.

Set The Stage With Lighting

As every heart of the home should feel bright and inviting, lighting is essential. There is a range of ideal lighting fixtures for modern farmhouse style, depending on whether you want to go more traditional or contemporary. For instance, when it comes to lighting over your kitchen island, you may opt for modern hanging pendants with a sharp, black finish to add bold flair. Versus more farmhouse lighting styles, you may consider rustic lanterns or candle chandeliers. Both types are just as functional as they are flawless. We utilized these abstract transparent pendants to complete our client’s kitchen with a luxurious appeal and tie the theme together perfectly.

Build The Perfect Backsplash

Simple backsplash tiles are the most aligned with a modern farmhouse aesthetic. This could be white subway tiles, neutral hexagonal tiles, or traditional industrial brick. You can carry a subway tile backsplash up to the ceiling if you have open shelves for a striking look. Many backsplashes in kitchens are intended to stand out as a focal point. However, when it comes to modern farmhouse kitchens, your backsplash can go both ways, depending on your preference. If you decide to go bold with a backsplash, be mindful of the designs you choose by staying within your main color scheme or opting for neutrals and other muted colors.  By staying in the same color family, we chose this dark earthy backsplash to enhance our client’s kitchen with a striking and stunning look.

Finalize The Finishing Touches

When mastering a modern farmhouse kitchen, you must accept that the beauty exists in the details. Appliances, faucets, plants, artwork, furniture, and artisan touches make perfect finishing touches. A farmhouse-style kitchen is incomplete without a sink to match. An apron-front sink is usually more significant than a standard sink and will complete the look perfectly. Aside from an apron-front sink, a range hood is ideal for making a statement in your modern farmhouse kitchen.  As shown above, we connected the sleek white kitchen island to smooth wooden cabinetry to display rustic charm.

With these exclusive design tips in mind, you’ll master your modern farmhouse kitchen in no time. Any vision is achievable with the right approach and the correct designs!

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