Maximize Property Value in Your Remodel

Maximize Property Value in Your Remodel

Whether you plan on selling your house or just want to perfect your current space, it’s important to make sure your next remodel will not only increase the quality of your home, but add market value. Most homeowners’ greatest asset is their house, so it’s only natural that one would want to make that asset more valuable, even if there aren’t plans to sell in the near future.

While it may be tempting to go all out on a brand new family room with the latest surround sound and media center tech, it generally won’t yield the most market value. Although these types of “comfort” remodels definitely increase satisfaction with your home, starting with kitchen and bathroom projects is best when it comes to home remodeling for increased property value. The internet has no shortage of kitchen remodeling ideas and trendy bathroom design galleries. While a new living room might seem flashier and more fun, updates to your bathroom and kitchen are not only a better bang for your buck, but can really improve your satisfaction with your home.

Glencoe Kitchen Remodel
Glencoe Kitchen Remodel

However, it can be too easy to get carried away with new and exciting styles. In terms of home value, you want to make sure you’re keeping a connected theme throughout the home. If you have an ultra-sleek, chrome kitchen in your more traditional home, you might actually lose property value. Consulting with an experienced and trustworthy remodeling contractor is important when it comes to picking smart, functional, and, of course, enjoyable home improvement ideas.

Your location can also dictate which addition or remodeling job will grab you the most value. A brand new heated pool in Arizona will add a nice chunk of value, but the same upgrade won’t do too hot in northern Wisconsin. While these choices seem fairly obvious, make sure to do your research as trends often vary by area. For example, powder rooms in bedroom suites are increasing in popularity in Los Angeles. When you’re looking for good investments in your home remodeling project, be sure to see what home styles are selling well in your area.

If you’ve already got a kitchen full of shining appliances and bathrooms that make your guests think they’ve walked into a 5-star hotel, consider converting your attic into a bedroom. While this sounds like a herculean effort, there are plenty of skilled remodeling contractors ready to help you out. This remodel is especially popular in areas where homes are older. If you have a spacious attic just collecting dust, it might be time to snag some extra square footage by converting it to usable space.


If you’re on a tighter budget but still want to improve your property value, consider looking into new doors. Replacing the doors in your home is a low-cost, high-yield investment. Wood decks and garage door replacements also rank high in terms of returns on investment.

Overall, though, kitchen and bathroom renovations are going to be the best bet for increasing property value.

There are many reasons people renovate their homes; whether it’s making your own personal mark on your property, or extending space for a growing family, it’s always wise to consider how you will be benefitting one of the most important investments in your life, your home.

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