Modernize Your Mudroom with These 4 Tips

Modernize Your Mudroom with These 4 Tips

Mudrooms are those perfect transition rooms that keep the hectic outside world from overflowing into your well-ordered home. Whether you need more storage that keeps clutter under control ora space that serves double or even triple duty, a mudroom is a great addition to any home. Here are four ways to really maximize the space when creating a mudroom.

Dog wash station

A great addition to a newly remodeled mudroom is a dedicated space for taking care of your pets. A wash station makes giving Rover his bath infinitely easier. While it might not stop your pup from shaking off water in all directions, the dedicated space makes clean up a breeze. Adding a pet grooming area keeps the mess to a minimum in the rest in your home, meaning you’ll likely never see muddy paw prints across your hardwoods again.

Storage (Every day and seasonal)

The classic mudroom includes room for storage. Use your space creatively to maximize the storage potential of the space. With efficient storage solutions you can create a pass through room that will keep your family neat and organized from the moment they walk in the door.

Make use of smaller spaces that wouldn’t fit shelving or cabinets by hanging wall hooks. Hooks are great for storing those much used items like seasonal coats that need to be easily accessible. Baskets on the floor or on shelves are another way to add some easy-to-access storage.

If you’re not a fan of having everything on display, opt for floor to ceiling cabinets that offer plenty of space for hidden away storage. Furthermore, cabinets are a great way to add architectural detail to the space.

For seasonal gear, create dedicated spaces to help keep order and provide storage when those items are not being used. If your family skis, pick out a specific space and customized storage to fit your equipment. That way, when you aren’t on the slopes, you won’t be tripping over those skis to find your coat.


A bench is a great addition to your space. Seating gives the family somewhere to sit when they come in and pull off their shoes. Opting for a bench is another way to really maximize the space. For example, underneath is the perfect place to tuck those muddy rain boots and keep the walk way clear.

Work space

Incorporating a work space into your mudroom gives you that extra surface for working. If you feel you’d benefit from a home office, consider adding cabinets to store household files and bills. Shelving and organizers are also helpful to install if you’re a crafter and have lots of supplies. The addition of a large, flat open surface will come in handy when you need room to spread out and work – no matter the project or hobby. Instead of letting those school projects or crafts take over the dining room table, relegate the odds and ends to the mudroom to keep your home clutter free.

When you’re ready to turn your mudroom into a more useful space, or if you have any questions about how you can better use your transitional space, speak with an Airoom design professional. Send us an email at:

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