Our Favorite Interior Designers

Our Favorite Interior Designers

For over 60 years Airoom has been creating exquisite interiors, custom designed and built by our award-winning in-house team of experts. But once the project is complete, the real fun of your interior make-over begins….it’s time to start accessorizing! Items like furniture and art need to be taken into consideration. The placement of plants and small details like throw blankets and pillows are of the upmost importance. To help provide inspiration, a good place to start is researching famous interior designers. These interior designers are best known for their unique work, best-selling product lines, and can help to guide your homes interior style. Their house interiors are all unique and appealing to the eye and are regularly featured on magazine covers and TV programming. Airoom has compiled a list of some of our favorite industry insiders to help unlock your homes potential when the time comes for you to decorate your house interiors.

Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler is one particular famous interior designer that is worth highlighting. Featured numerous times in Architectural Digest, AD states that The New Yorker claimed Kelly Wearstler as “the presiding grande dame of West Coast interior design.” However, Wearstler’s work stretches far beyond the West coast. According to Architectural Digest, Wearstler has implemented her designs into the Viceroy Hotels and Residences, Four Seasons Anguilla, and,  more recently, Proper Hotels on the west coast and in Austin. She is also known for working with some of the top stars like Gwen Stefani and Elton John. Today, you can implement some of Wearstler’s work into your home through her own collection of furniture and accessories.

Jonathon Adler

Jonathon Adler is also a famous interior designerthat is worth noting. Adler began his career by debuting his pottery at Barney’s in 1993. Since then, Architectural Digest explains that he has been “infusing homes with color and humor” around the country. Jonathon Adler’s line has expanded beyond ceramics to include pillows, furniture, rugs, lighting, and more. Similar to Kelly Wearstler, Adler’s work can be seen in hotels and private residences of the rich and famous. Jonathon Adler’s lines and partnerships can be found online for purchase, even on Amazon.

This Winnetka bathroom, done by Airoom, features many items from Jonathon Adler’s home line. This bathroom is accented by Jonathon Adler accessories such as a bathmat, soap dispenser, tissue box, wastebasket, and trays. This bathroom goes to show that Adler’s work can be incorporated into any home and any room.

Ashley Stark

Ashley Stark-Kenner is another designer known for her gorgeous interiors. Today, Stark inhabits a large influence in the world of design. Ashley Stark is also known for her family’s rug, furniture fabric, and paint company, STARK, and her influence over the world of interior design. According to Sotheby’s Home, Stark has referred to her interiors as “timeless traditional with a touch of livable modern.”

This Airoom project was remodeled to reflect the interiors of Ashley Stark. Much of this home’s interior is similar to Stark’s work. This living room exhibits Stark’s style of a timeless traditional look but still a touch of modern design. This living room was created with a traditional mindset, yet it boasts exquisite textures and patterns.

Kara Mann

Kara Mann is a well- known designer that is specific to the Chicago area. Kara Mann established her business in 2005 in Chicago and has expanded her work all over the country. Mann now has offices in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. According to Kara Mann’s website, she “has acquired the reputation of a cultural vanguard for pushing the boundaries of tradition”, and “juxtaposes formal design elements with unexpected materiality, architecture and an irreverence.” Kara Mann has worked on many high-end residential projects and is currently working on two high profile furniture collaborations and luxury hotel projects for 2020.

When looking to upgrade the interior design of your home, each of these famous interior designers are a great start for inspiration. Aside from these famous interior designers, sustainable interior design has become a popular trend for house interiors. Sustainable interior design can enhance the look of your home while remaining environmentally friendly. According to Medium, interiors can remain sustainable with energy efficiency, waste reduction, longevity and flexibility with materials, and healthy spaces.

This Airoom kitchen features an Urban Cultivator unit. This piece of equipment can grow 8 varieties of herbs and microgreens at once and allows customers to have access to fresh foods year-round. This kitchen also features a Samsung Energy Star fridge. The Samsung Energy Star fridge is an energy efficient product that mitigates your environmental impact and can even save you money on your energy bills. These are just 2 out of the many energy efficient products available that can help make your home sustainable.

To learn about upgrading your house interior, call Airoom today at 847-213-5107 or visit to view some of our beautiful interior renovations. As experts in the architectural, design and build industry, Airoom can address all your interior design needs.

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