Storage Solutions To Finding 
             Space In Every Room

Storage Solutions To Finding Space In Every Room

Storage Is More Than A Walk-In Closet

As we continue to spend so much time at home, it is more important than ever that we feel comfortable in our homes. Storage solutions help to keep a home organized and clutter-free, and it is important that they are efficient and attractive.

A storage space can be implemented into any room of the home, so there’s no need to relocate your treasured belongings to a self-storage unit. Whether it’s shoe storage for your entryway or open shelving for your kitchen, there are small changes that you can make that will help you use your space more effectively throughout your home. With these simple tips, say goodbye to clutter and hello to incredible storage.

Entryway Hacks

First impressions are everything, and the entry gives guests a glimpse into the rest of your home, making it essential that the area is well-maintained and looks smart. The entry gives guests a glimpse into the rest of your home, making it the perfect place for storage solutions while maintaining a smart looking and functional setting. If you have a wide entryway where everyone's shoes tend to pile up, consider building wall-mounted seating that has storage underneath. This installation provides a seating area where friends and family can take their shoes off and store them in bins or shelving beneath the bench. Pittsburgh based designer Betsy Wentz has a favorite hack, “I use built-in cabinets when there isn’t a lot of closet space. It adds a punch of color and its practical for storing shoes and clothes that would otherwise clutter the room.” In the winter, it's especially important to have a place to put coats and snowy apparel so that it stays out of the way and doesn't ruin furniture. If you have a smaller space, install a folding wall-mounted coat hanger. This addition can be a lifesaver while guests visit and create more space when needed.

Mudroom Storage Space With Under Bench Storage

Kitchen Storage

Whether you're an incredible home chef cooking food for two or own a kitchen that's fit to feed a family of five, you'll need discrete, secure storage solutions that are highly functional yet won’t compromise the room’s aesthetic. If you're looking to maximize space while still having room for storage, installing a kitchen island is one of the best options for immediately creating a table and organized unit in one. Family and friends can sit at the table while you keep cookbooks, pots, plates, or glassware underneath either on shelves or in drawers—removing the need for a separate table and cabinet. Another option for creating a more dynamic and streamlined kitchen with further storage is to set floating open shelves. By using open shelves, you have the option to display your antique glassware or dishware while creating more space.

Floating Shelves To Store Kitchen Necessities and Decorations

Home Office Tips

As remote work continues to be a constant trend for many offices, there are a few hacks for creating more space that will help you feel more organized and create a more serene workspace. If you're using a smaller home office or having one room function as the work and living area, the idea of including a full-sized desk may not be feasible. Instead, opt for a fold-down desk or wall-mounted desk, which uses space more efficiently. By installing a fold-down desk, you're able to have a functional home office that gets easily hidden once the workday comes to an end. For above the desk, wall storage is also a key solution for holding tchotchkes, notebooks, or work supplies that would otherwise be stored in desk drawers. Denver based designer Andrea Monath Schumacher emphasizes, “Whether it’s a ski house, a beach house, or the office of your own home, storage needs to factor into how you live. I love to create a custom ottoman that stores blankets and pillows as well as custom shelving that displays personal items in an effective way.”

Sleek Office Space With Built In Wall Storage

Bathroom Solutions

Bathrooms can be one of the trickier rooms for finding crafty storage solutions, given the amount of space available. Overall, one tip that will look great and remain functional is organizing vertically. If you have limited drawers and cabinet space, consider installing some shelves where you can neatly store bathroom necessities. If you're struggling to find space for bathroom cleaning supplies and toiletries that you don't necessarily want on display, you can tuck them behind closed doors or cabinets that are built into the wall. Another helpful storage tip is installing a sleek towel rack where you and others can store wet towels without creating clutter in your bathroom.

Recessed Shower Accent For Storage

Whether you plan to add storage by repurposing an existing space or completely redesigning your home, Airoom is there to guide you through every step of the way. A project with Airoom means getting the result you desire from people who have your back. To begin your home renovation, contact Airoom today at or call at (847) 325 - 5843.

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