The Airoom S.T.A.R.T System: Home Remodeling Project Management

The Airoom S.T.A.R.T System: Home Remodeling Project Management

We often get asked what makes an Airoom project unlike any other home remodeling project. The answer is simple, in addition to a team of award winning designers, architects and residential remodeling contractors, we streamline the process for our customers. With 60+ years of experience, serving over 16,000 homes, Airoom has perfected a system to ensure a smooth construction and remodeling journey. Our S.T.A.R.T. process (System To Assure Resources and Timing) is Airoom’s proprietary three phase, ten step, project management system.

So, if you have ever felt intimidated by the thought of breathing new life into your space, this convenient guide is the entire remodeling and custom home build bible.

1: Initial Consultation
2: Planning and Design
3: Financial Options
4: Specifications and Cost Approval
5: Finalize Blueprints and Material Selection
6: Permit Processing
7: Scheduling of Materials, Labor, and Equipment
8: Supervising Construction
9: Clean-Up and Walk-Through

Phase 1: Design & Pricing

Initial Consultation- Our Airoom Project Development Manager (PDM’s for short) have mastered the art of project facilitation. Your initial consultation will give you a good idea of the scope, timing and budget of your project while we begin to put together your architectural design house plans.

Design Development- Our team of design experts begins to create your vision. A detailed rendering of your project, like the one you see below, begins to take shape. The photorealism of the design gives you an accurate idea of what you can expect in the end result.

Financial Options- We work closely with our sister company, Lamb Financial, a licensed mortgage broker that provides financial assistance to qualified Airoom customers. Todays average cost of a kitchen remodel or any home remodeling project varies a great deal. From home equity to available energy saving rebates, our Project Development Managers can help you find the right option for funding your new investment.

Specification and Cost Approval- We prepare specifications, including materials and labor, while considering design decisions. With a mutual understanding, we’ll arrive at an agreement for a fixed price.

Phase 2: Architecture & Planning

Finalize Drawings and Materials Selections- This phase culminates in the creation of final blueprints for your construction and remodeling project, exactly like what you see below. This will be the time to preview materials in our home design showroom.

Permit Processing- We manage the entire process. We attend all city planning meetings and resolve and necessary changes, including permitting, zoning variations or even historic review committees.

Scheduling of Materials, Labor and Equipment- Airoom’s Scheduling and Purchasing departments ensure that materials, labor and equipment are ordered and delivered on time according to your specifications.

Phase 3: Construction & Warranty

Supervising Construction- Your Project Superintendent, Production Manager and service representation all help to ensure consistent communication and timely, accurate project delivery.

Clean-Up and Walk-Through- At the project’s end, there is an inspection and walk-through with the Project Superintendent to ensure your total satisfaction. We want to make sure the end result exceeds your expectations from the design you fell in love with in Phase 1.

Construction Warranty- Finally, for your peace of mind, we provide an unparalleled 15-year structural and 10-year installation warranty.
In the end, Airoom’s is a carefully curated team of award winning designers, expert architects and top-of-the-line residential remodeling trades. We execute your project from start to finish, making sure your home remodeling project comes in on time and on budget.

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