The Possibilities In Upgrading Your Home

The Possibilities In Upgrading Your Home

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Upgrading your home can come in many different forms to address a homeowners' needs of space, style, and cost. No matter the scope of your project, the value of a home upgrade can increase its value drastically. Have you ever pictured your home with an extra bedroom for your in-laws, a home theater, or even an outdoor kitchen?'s 2019 article states that homeowners are spending far more on home improvement projects than home maintenance projects. Read on to learn more about some unique and trending home addition projects.

A Mother In Law Suite

Perhaps as your family has grown, and you have realized the need for an extra bedroom for your in-laws. The mother in law suite is an excellent addition to your home to maximize privacy for both your family and your in-laws. Your 3-bedroom house with a mother-in-law suite can provide a separate space for your family members while making sure they maintain a close proximity. Custom homes with a mother in law suite are desirable for families needing a little extra help. A traditional in-law-suite can either be connected to your main home, perhaps in the basement or a separate structure, like a converted garage. At the minimum, an in-law suite will have a bedroom and full bathroom. Typically, in-law-suites will possess a sitting room or small kitchen as well. The cost on an in-law suite varies greatly depending on the size, details, and type of structure. According to, individuals can expect to spend an average of $32,000 to $63,000. If you are building a completely new structure, and an upwards of $100,000 on the high-end. In the end, an in-law suite creates benefits for all members of the family.

Home Theaters

Home theaters are also a great addition to your home and are no longer only for the rich and famous. As technology has become more affordable, a home theater has become more attainable for many families to implement into their homes. Imagine your home with the best home cinema system. Today, home theaters are designed to replicate the true movie theater experience within the comfort of your own home. Most home theaters use a surround sound system, a home cinema tv, and sometimes a projector. The addition of a home theater provides a benefit of pleasure for your family. A home theater allows your family to pick what you want to watch, and when you want to watch it. Home theaters are also customized to maximize a homeowner's comfort. This includes custom seating arrangements, sounds levels, and lighting. A home theater is a perfect way to experience media in the best quality possible while in your home.

Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen is another excellent addition to boost the comfort and quality of you home. An outdoor kitchen isn't a necessity for all homeowners, but for many, outdoor entertaining isn't complete without a proper outdoor cooking area. An outdoor kitchen isn't only great for a backyard barbecue; it's also convenient for individuals who spend a great deal of time outside. Before thinking about a kitchen addition, it is beneficial to get an outdoor kitchen estimate. An estimate will allow you to finance correctly and ensure you are getting all your kitchen essentials in your new project. Prior to designing your outdoor kitchen, its essential that you understand the space you have available. Your custom outdoor kitchen might feature a refrigerator, ice maker, wine refrigerator, bar, grill, pizza oven, smoker, and beyond. The possibilities are endless, with a custom outdoor kitchen.

Regardless of the type of addition, these ideas can help expand the possibilities of your home beyond its original purpose. Aside from why you are choosing to invest in a home remodel, Airoom Architects, Builders, and Remodelers are here to help guide you through the process. Airoom can bring your home addition to life. To see more of our amazing home additions, get a copy of our new table book, "The Art of Airoom," shipping June 30th. Complimentary to anyone who sigs up for our free design consultation. Your free design consultation also includes drawings and a complimentary 3-D rendering of your project, call 847-908-9270 or sign up at

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