Tile Trends & Design Ideas for 2017

Tile Trends & Design Ideas for 2017

Tile is trending in big ways this year. The tile business is booming, and more and more homeowners are choosing tile over other surfaces for their remodeling projects. From flooring and walls to bathrooms and kitchens, beautiful tile options are more numerous and available than ever.

If it’s time to update some of the floors in your rooms, you can rest assured you’ll have no problem picking out the perfect style and pattern to fit your decor. There are tons of modern, stylish tiles to choose from. With today’s technology, you can layout your floor with tile that mimics and captures the look of natural stone, hardwood, fabrics plus countless natural and man-made materials.

Wood-Look Tile: Even though wood-look tile has been around for some time, its popularity is trending upward towards becoming a popular choice for flooring throughout the entire house–not just kitchens and bathrooms. And tile is the most durable flooring option you can buy, combining a look and ease of maintenance that can’t be beat. Wood-look is the largest selling category in the tile industry currently.

Brick-Look Tile: Before brick-look tile took off as a flooring option, it was pretty popular as a wall tile. And if you want to capture a more European look around your home, brick-look tile can achieve it with ease.

Marble-Look Tile: While natural marble is soft and porous (not to mention expensive), and more vulnerable to rings and cleaning challenges, marble-look tile will always give a room a classy, elegant look. This tile trend is one that will inevitably last for years and years to come.

Cement-Look Tile: One of the hottest trends emerging is flooring that looks like it’s not flooring! That’s what cement-look tile is like. It’s industrial feel, modern and minimalist style is making inroads into many a room these days, and even though it’s an atypical tile choice, it will stay trendy for at least a few more years.

Fabric-Look Tile: The soft and subtle look of textured linen, silk and other fabrics on your floor may joggle the mind a bit, but they offer a soft look with the lasting durability of tile. Easy maintenance and a cozy feeling is what you get with this cool trend. Consider it a hot thing for now, at least.

Other trends to look for in tile is the large format tile or wide plank tile, which is great for making spaces look bigger, and provide a clean and modern look with fewer grout lines to keep clean. Mixed width tile floors are in demand as well, offering variations in plank widths to make flooring stand out. You can lay in a consistent pattern or go for a random look for more variety.

wall tiles

Wall tile is still very much in vogue. In 2017, you’ll see more tile showcased as feature walls and accent walls. Bold colors will dominate, along with textures that give your walls a 3D look. Also trending will be geometric shapes that add dimension and natural shapes that provide a soothing Zen-like feel. Wall tile will also take on larger dimensions, from large-format sizes in 8″ x 24″, 12″ x 24″ sizes, up to 70-inch porcelain slabs for extremely large wall spaces.

Backsplash Tile Ideas


Backsplash tiles make cleanups around the kitchen and bathroom a lot easier to accomplish, wherever the potential for a lot of wetness is great. But backsplashes are more than just functional, protective coverings. They can also make a statement that complements your overall room decor and design motif.

Choosing materials for backsplashes includes great options, from classic glazed ceramic tile to natural stone. While ceramic tile is tried and true, you might want to opt for glass tile, which is completely resistant to water and comes in many colors and finishes that can blend easily with room designs.

Mosaics are still very popular this year, and can come in unique shapes like pencil tiles, narrow rectangles and other sizes that go beyond the ordinary. You can even extend them up the wall to give them their moment in the spotlight.

Natural stone backsplashes are timeless in their look and appeal, and even though they require more maintenance and special care, they’re unmatched in giving your wall and space an elegant touch.

To show off your backsplash design, you might want to cover the whole wall with it. The look will provide some harmony to the room that helps enlarge it. Just consider tile as an important part of your design plan and have fun exploring all your options. Tile can work wonders for any room in your house in 2017…and beyond!

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