Total Living Care!

Total Living Care!

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At Airoom, you will never have to worry about damage during your renovation. Airoom’s Total Living Care process makes sure all phases of your remodel are handled professionally and safely. Throughout the entire remodeling process, Airoom provides unparalleled care to the interior and exterior of your home to ensure personal items remain in the condition they were found. Our team goes above and beyond to make the remodeling process proceed safely and to ensure your home does not go unprotected. Keep reading to discover some of our care procedures.

1.     Portable storage units

Airoom uses portable storage units to ensure your items are kept safe and are in a convenient location. With storage pod delivery, the storage unit can be delivered to your home quickly and efficiently. Whether your project is big or small, storage pod delivery is an excellent way to keep furniture and other personal items away from the remodeling process. As Uhaul explains, your storage pod can live on your driveway for several days or months, or the storage pod can be picked up and delivered safely back to your home following your remodel.

2.     Whole Home HEPA Filtration

As your remodeling process gets into full swing, things like dust, pollen, mold, bacteria can multiply with construction. Thus, Airoom uses a whole home HEPA filtration process to ensure that these particles become trapped in the pleated mechanical filter and remain out of your home. HEPA filters will be replaced frequently for extra precaution during the remodeling process.

3.     Plastic Sheeting

Plastic sheeting is an essential element that is used in the Airoom remodeling process. Plastic sheeting helps separate the areas of your home that are being remodeled from the areas that need to remain clean and livable. Plastic sheeting is especially important when installing drywall in your home because it will keep the heavy and large drywall in a segregated area. This is also important if you are installing hardwood floors in your home. You will want to keep power tools and installation materials away from other areas and people in your home. When installing drywall or installing hardwood floors in your remodel, the Airoom team will make sure to utilize plastic sheeting as just one total living care effort.

4.     Exterior Staircases

Airoom uses temporary staircases to get to work areas without making a mess or causing any damage to other areas of your home. A temporary staircase may be installed on an exterior portion of your home for the duration of your remodel and will be removed following the completion of your project.

This Airoom remodel, in the city of Chicago, has been kept clean and damage free with the installation of this exterior staircase. This home will have a gorgeous new third floor in no time with this easy access staircase.

Some other care procedures include:

·      Dust barriers at doorways

·      A temporary laundry/kitchen

·      Trash containers for debris

·      Construction fencing around work areas

·      Vacuuming after drywall

·      Carpet protection

·      Hardwood floor protection

·      And much more…

To set up your free design consultation and learn more about our Total Living Care process, visit or give us a call at 847-213-5107.

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