Turn Your Home Into The Ultimate Staycation

Turn Your Home Into The Ultimate Staycation

Who needs a vacation when your home can be the ultimate stay-cation? At Airoom, we specialize in designing interiors and exteriors for lifestyle and enjoyment.
Discover our top insight on transforming your home with a quality resort-like feel.

Here is how you can turn your home into the ultimate staycation:

Bring The Entertainment Outdoors

Our exteriors are equally as important as our interiors, which is why having outdoor entertainment spaces is necessary for making your home feel like a staycation. Incorporating outdoor furniture, firepits, modern technology, and even outdoor kitchens is a great way to encourage outdoor lounging. We created a multifunctional exterior for our clients to enjoy in various ways in warmer months.

Hotel-Like Features

As vacations include a hotel to stay in, you can bring hotel amenities into your home to achieve this getaway feeling. Modern appliances, state-of-the-art designs, luxury lighting, and smooth details are great ways to achieve a resort aesthetic in your home. The bathroom is an ideal room to start, as shown above in our client’s new master bath.

Personalized Spaces

Planning any vacation means planning for your desires and what you enjoy. The same goes for creating a staycation in your home - You’ll want to incorporate personalized spaces that are tailored to your wants and needs. With our client’s wish for a home wine cellar in mind, we executed this sophisticated and spacious cellar to achieve their vision.

Prioritize Your Bedroom

Lastly, any vacation is truly enjoyed when you are able to sit back, relax, and rest after a long day of activities. Prioritizing your bedroom is essential for achieving the staycation aesthetic and also making you feel your best at home. You can raise all comfort measures in your bedroom with quality designs, amenities, furniture, and dreamy texture. We set the tone for this master bedroom with soothing color schemes and modern features designed for convenience and relaxation.

With these design concepts in mind, you can turn your home into the ultimate staycation in little to no time - Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere you can create at home.

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