What is Luxe Minimalism And How To Achieve It

What is Luxe Minimalism And How To Achieve It

Looking to add luxury to your home while preserving space? With this expert design insight in mind, any vision is achievable. Luxe Minimalism is a rising trend in interior design for various reasons, including the main benefit of displaying luxury simply without noise. The sole purpose is to focus on quality, not quantity. As a result, an elevated lifestyle is achieved.

At Airoom, we believe every detail, big or small, should make you feel your absolute best. Luxury is the hallmark of our mission, where design forges the perfect balance between comfort and functionality. Ultimately, there’s nothing as satisfying as giving our clients their own dream paradise to call home.

1. Design For Experience

As luxe minimalism revolves around lifestyle, designing for experience is key to achieving luxe minimalism. How does one ‘design for experience’? It’s quite simple. Think beyond what the designs will look like, but what they will offer, what they will feel like, and most of all, the experience they will bring to your home. Visualization techniques are a great tool for considering these important questions.

In this dreamy master bedroom, we executed a spacious layout to match the minimalist theme while drawing emphasis on the finer details such as the texture of the bedding, the calming color schemes, and lastly, the modern amenities such as the electric fireplace that will bring our clients pure comfort for the ultimate bedroom experience.

2. Consider Space

A major component in achieving luxe minimalism is related directly to space. Prioritizing the layout and placement of furniture is essential for achieving a luxurious aesthetic without overwhelming the space. The more spacious the layout, the more effortlessly the interior connects together for a cohesive and balanced feel.

As shown above, in this minimalist home office, we strategically placed the sectional couch along the wall and window to provide an open and inviting atmosphere. This step is less about what you bring into the space and more about how you arrange the room.

3. Invest In Quality, Not Quantity

The art of luxe minimalism can be easily achieved through sleek and spotless style. Impactful designs with purpose and grandeur raise visual attraction and tie the interior together seamlessly. Emphasizing quality over quantity is essential for a luxurious outcome. Paying attention to the finer details such as texture, polished features, lighting, and amenities are all great places to invest in quality designs and materials.

Our recent kitchen project displayed above features state-of-the-art designs, including smooth cabinetry, sleek countertops with a high-gloss finish, and beautiful details as small as the brushed faucet, range top stove, and modern appliances. All in all, paying attention to the finer details always makes a lasting impression.

3. Spa-Like Enhancements

Take a moment to envision your favorite hotel, resort, or retreat. What stands out to you the most? Most of the time, areas such as bathroom suites or bedrooms that include designs that make you feel relaxed and at ease stand out the most. Spa-like features make all the difference in transforming a space - What once felt like an ordinary bathroom can now feel like a peaceful spa. All it takes is paying attention to detail and investing in sustainable, high-quality amenities.

To uplift this master bathroom, we included a royal freestanding tub and a statement brick wall with a built-in electric fireplace for maximum enjoyment.

4. Focal Points

Lastly, having a minimalist theme leaves more opportunity to create focal points that will stand out amidst the entire interior. With a spacious and simplistic theme working to your advantage, you can highlight luxury by featuring focal points and bold designs. This step can be achieved through dramatic details, artwork, mesmerizing accessories, stargazing lighting, or a statement wall.

As shown above, we executed a ravishing vine cellar shelf in the center of the back wall to draw attention and complete the room with a highly luxurious aesthetic. Not only can this design feature be admired visually, it offers functional enjoyment as well.

As we strive to create sophisticated interiors that are individually conceived, refined, and meticulously crafted, we aspire to share our experienced design insight with you for the same result. Remember to always enjoy the design process; you’ll never know where it may take you.

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