What To Consider When Renovating Your Kitchen

What To Consider When Renovating Your Kitchen

At Airoom Design, we specialize in luxury interior design. As kitchens play such an important role in the home, we prioritize our kitchens in each and every one of our projects.

There are many components to consider when renovating the perfect kitchen. Each design feature ultimately impacts the functionality, reliability, and style of your kitchen. We design for not only the home’s appeal but the lifestyle it brings.

Here’s what to consider when renovating your kitchen:

Planning The Layout

If you want to open up the kitchen to other rooms, don’t assume you can simply remove any wall you want. Some walls are load-bearing, and some aren’t. Knowing which are, is extremely important before changing the layout. Consulting with an experienced design team can help the planning stage run smoothly and avoid costly mistakes in the long run. Although plumbing and venting can be expensive to move, sometimes that’s the best thing to do to maximize the layout of your kitchen.

In this kitchen renovation, we implemented an open-concept layout to form a spacious and luxurious kitchen. Carefully planning the layout ahead of time allowed us to accomplish our client’s dream kitchen with efficient space and functionality.

Selecting The Lighting

A great lighting plan can make the difference between an ordinary or an extraordinary kitchen remodel. If yours has only one or two ceiling lights and a tiny window over the sink, perhaps it’s time to upgrade. Additionally, using layers of light—recessed lighting, LED under-cabinet lights, pendant fixtures, or a chandelier—can create a dramatic effect. This step is important for your convenience as well as for setting the mood of your kitchen.

We installed various lighting, from luxury pendants to ceiling lights and LED under-cabinet lights, to form a bright and inviting atmosphere.

Choosing Quality Appliances

This step reinforces that quality is greater than quantity. Furthermore, quality kitchen appliances will lengthen the longevity of your kitchen and aid in your convenience.  If you want built-in appliances, they need to be planned for from the beginning. Steam ovens, built-in coffee makers, and wine fridges are current trending appliances.  If your kitchen is your entertainment space, you’ll want to consider incorporating them into the plan.

In this luxurious kitchen remodel, we selected quality appliances that are both modern in style and sustainable for long-term use. As this kitchen is also an entertainment area, we separated culinary appliances from bar-friendly appliances on the kitchen island.

Appropriate Seating

Kitchens are designed for lifestyle, entertainment, and connection. As they revolve around culinary uses and meal time, appropriate seating must be highly considered. If you are often hosting events, you’ll want to have various seating areas; if you want a more personalized kitchen, you can opt for a single dining area or functional kitchen island. Consider your lifestyle when planning appropriate seating for your kitchen.

This unique kitchen remodel flows into the dining room, so we were able to form various dining areas. A more casual pull-up bar/kitchen area and a more formal seating area for gathering around the table.

Efficient Cabinetry

Last but not least, considering efficient cabinetry is important for the appeal and storage ability of your kitchen. If you want ample storage, you’re going to need more pantry and cabinetry. Depending on if you want a more traditional or modern look will determine the texture and color of your cabinetry. With plenty of options to choose from, you can always consult with design experts to find the best fit for your kitchen.

In our Airoom showroom below, we displayed ultra-sleek cabinetry for a minimalist and modern kitchen. Most of the kitchen is covered with cabinetry which improves storage while preserving space.

With these design considerations in mind, we hope you renovate your kitchen impeccably. For design support, we are always happy to guide your renovation.

Airoom specializes in custom luxury homes and remodeling from design to build (including obtaining necessary permits and zoning approval). This means we handle everything so you don’t have to® when you design and build with us.

Schedule your free design consultation or call us at (847) 386-2352 to learn how our award-winning design team can make your dreams come true.

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