What You Need To Know About Sinks

What You Need To Know About Sinks

Choosing the right sink for your bathroom remodel can be a daunting and overwhelming task. You need to consider the style for the bathroom that’s being remodeled, whether it’s the master bath, family bathroom or powder room. Also keep in mind who will use the room primarily and what your space considerations are.

Top-mount Sinks

These are typically the most common style of sink. It’s designed to sit on top of the counter, installed in a drop-in manner. Most of the sink sits below the counter, with the rim visible above the counter. Depending on which style of sink you choose, the rim will be either slim or a little thick.

Top-mount sinks are well suited for most countertop materials like wood or laminate. With installation, the sink cutout is fully covered by the sink rim, eliminating water damage to the countertop. They’re also more economical because they’re easier to install and don’t require extensive finishing work around the countertop such as polishing. The chief drawback to them is that water and spills can’t be wiped straight from the countertop into the sink.

under mount sink

Under-mount Sinks

Under-mount sinks, as the name implies, sit underneath the counter top surface. The rim of the sink affixes to the underside of the countertop, unlike the top-mounted sink that sits on tope of it. The look you can achieve with an under-mount sink is a seamless, clean look that allows water and spills to be wiped directly into it without any obstructions. For busy family bathrooms, it’s a great feature that helps make the vanity easy to clean. You will need to have a solid-surface countertop, such as a stone countertop, to make an under-mount sink viable. Laminate countertops are unsuitable because they can’t be sealed properly to combat moisture. Under-mount sinks are also more expensive, but if cost isn’t a hindrance, an under-mount sink adds an elegant touch to your bathroom.

wall mounted sink

Wall-mounted Sinks

To achieve a streamlined and minimalist look to your bathroom remodel, a wall-mounted sink adds the right touch. Wall-mounted sinks are affixed directly to a wall without any support from a pedestal or vanity. As such, since it doesn’t have cabinets below it, it saves space and opens up the floor area, which can give the impression of a bigger bathroom space. Keep in mind though that all plumbing and waste pipes must be installed inside the wall behind the sink for the look to pay off.

You need to also consider alternatives for storage needs if installing a wall-mounted sink, since there are no cabinets beneath it. If storage isn’t a high priority, a powder room may be the best place for a wall-mount sink.

Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal sinks are good options for plumbing that can’t be changed, such as having a waste pipe that has to go through the floor and can’t be relocated. A pedestal sink includes the sink and a pedestal that sits beneath it to conceal any plumbing that runs in between. Classical or traditional styled bathrooms or homes that are of older, Victorian-styled architecture are perfect candidates for pedestal sinks.

Since there’s no storage space beneath pedestal sinks, you’ll also have to reconsider storage options for accessories and toiletries, plus, cleaning around pedestal sinks can be a bit more challenging because of the gap between the wall and the pedestal.

Semi-recessed Sinks

For bathrooms with limited space, a semi-recessed sink is an attractive option because you can include vanity cabinets beneath it. The semi-recessed sink sits on top of cabinet enclosures and protrudes a bit over the front of the cabinets. It’s a stunning, unique look that not only frees up floor space, but also frees up space on the counter for accessories and other grooming essentials. The unique look of the semi-recessed sink is achieved with shallower cabinets that may measure as little as 12 inches in width, depending on the type of sink you choose.

This sink option is good for homes with smaller children or elders with limited mobility, as it allows them to get in close to the sink and reach the faucet without obstruction, but keep in mind that you may need to take extra measures to account for water spills and splashes to the floor.

Washplane Sinks

These sleek sinks are often seen in hotels and restaurant bathrooms because they’re so stylish and trendy. They take up little space so they fit well within bathrooms with limited space such as a powder room. You can choose from sinks make of different materials, such as ceramic, porcelain or glass. Or you can opt for a sink made from stone material like granite, marble or engineered stone.

Washplane sinks are best suited for rooms where they’re primarily used for hand washing, as they don’t hold water. And because they’re extremely shallow and don’t come with a plug, they’re definitely more fashionable than functional.

vessel sinks

Vessel Sinks

A vessel sink generally sits on top of the countertop fully, although you can find some models that sit partially below the counter. If you want to make a statement in your bathroom, these are the sinks that can do it. They have the appearance of a large bowl and are nice and deep to hold plenty of water.

You have to carefully plan out the counter height and height of the cabinets below it however, so that the sink is positioned at the right height for use. Vessel sinks are attractive options for master suite style bathrooms and vanities that can take double sinks.

All-in-one Sinks and Countertops

Off-the-shelf vanity cabinets can often be purchased with the sink already molded in as part of the countertop. The sink can be made from a variety of materials like porcelain or acrylic. These all-in-one countertops are easy to clean and a great choice for a family bathroom remodel. Since there aren’t any ridges and seams to worry about, they’re also easy to clean.

You can find these all-in-one sink and countertop combinations in set standard sizes, although you may find a supplier that can custom-make a unit to the size that will fit your bathroom the best.

Make sure that you carefully do your homework to find the best sink configuration for your bathroom remodel. There are plenty of options, styles and features to choose from, so to make the most of your bathroom it pays to spend some time exploring your exact needs and space considerations so you can be armed with the right information to make a decision.

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