When Is The Best Time To Remodel?

When Is The Best Time To Remodel?

That’s probably the first question on any home remodeler’s mind. But the surprising answer is…there’s no right or wrong time to remodel! In fact, any time is fine, just make sure that you’re fully prepared to take on the task.

Depending on what remodeling project you have in mind, there are certain times of the year that are more optimal than others, especially if your remodel is an external project.

Now, you might think that the period from January through March is not the best time to do anything outside, but it can be a good time to begin work on a home addition. The combination of the frozen ground and dry air is better for digging foundations and pouring concrete footers than in warmer months, when there’s more humidity and soft, mud-heavy ground.

Winter months are also a better time to begin to plan your remodel as many remodeling companies are working on fewer projects that time of year. Plus, getting the extensive outdoor work underway before everybody gets their tax refunds and gears up for spring will save you time and maybe even some money!

If you’re looking at undertaking projects during the spring, from April through June, keep in mind that this is typically considered the home building season, and you may find yourself one of many projects. That said, when you work with a professional design-build company, project volume won’t be as much of an issue as when working with a smaller contractor.


From July to September, getting your kitchen or bathroom remodeled is more ideal. This is a good time to get roofing work done as well, generally because roofing materials need higher temperatures to ensure proper sealing. If it’s too hot for work outside, focus on your indoor remodeling projects. Since the summer months are very common times to remodel as well as travel, make sure you discuss timeline and project expectations with your remodeling company before the project starts so as to ensure everyone’s vacation and project schedules sync up.

If you remodel between October and December, try to get your outdoor projects finished at the start of the 3-month period, when the weather and temperatures are still ideal for outdoor work. If you’re not on a tight holiday deadline with plans to entertain family and friends, November and December could be perfect for wrapping up major indoor remodeling projects. The main issue to consider with a project during this time of year is shipping, as there’s a chance some of your supplies may also be caught up in the busy holiday shipping season.

Now, this timetable can vary depending on where you live. Things may work out differently if you live in the southern region of the states versus the northern region. But regardless of where you live, the perfect time to start a remodeling project is after you’ve thoroughly planned it out!

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